LeEco The 3 Pro x720: here is the new GizROM 3.1 (EUI 6 30s)

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The name LeEco it is now for many fans only the memory of a great promise, of the broken dream of a producer who had all the credentials to bring new life into the world of Chinese telephony. Despite the enormous financial difficulties, the Chinese colossus (or rather, what remains) has however brought forward the support for some of the models already marketed, and it is therefore with great pleasure that today we can announce the new one GizROM 3.1 based on EUI 6 (30s) for LeEco Le 3 Pro x720!

LeEco The 3 Pro x720: here is the GizROM 3.1 (EUI 6 30s)

Il GizChina ROM Project, we remember it, born with the goal of "Italianize"For Chinese language flavors and language, without naturally distorting the essence or over-modifying the interface. The new GizROM 3.1 for LeEco The 3 Pro x720 brings all the news of the EUI 6, including the Face Unlock el 'Renovated room app. These changes are then added to the update of the system apps, including the gapps e Magisk, minor bugfixes and the addition of the apn Iliad among those preset. Despite internal tests, GizROM could present some bugs. Feedback and reports are always welcome.

GizROM 3.1 for LeEco Le Pro 3 x720: download and installation

forum logoThe official discussion on the GizROM 3.1 based on 30s firmware (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) For LeEco Le Pro 3 x720 is available on our forum, where you can also find the installation guide and any reports or updates, while for the download we refer you to the new one portal dedicated to the project. Feedback and suggestions, as always, are welcome.

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