Xiaomi Youpin VH Review: the touch fan!

Lo Xiaomi Youpin VH is the umpteenth find of the Chinese colossus, a ceiling fan very interesting for its compactness and silence. Let's see all the features in our full review!

Xiaomi Youpin VH review

Design, materials and specifications

Xiaomi Youpin VH it is impeccably built, entirely in metallic material except for the fans, built with an excellent plastic, and the handle, made of eco-leather also of good quality.

The design is very simple, has a cylindrical shape with only the USB cable for the power coming out of the body. The positioning on a surface is made possible thanks to the positions in which the handle can be placed, which guarantees a good stability.

Xiaomi Youpin VH

In fact, the vibrations do not move Xiaomi Youpin VH in any way from the position in which it is placed. Through the same handle it is however possible hang the fan in order to keep it in a higher position.

The body of Xiaomi Youpin VH represents the most interesting feature of the product, given that the whole surface is touch. This means that it is able to recognize tactile touch, just like on a touch display. To activate the fan a touch will be enough on the body, while with a second "tap" we can increase its power up to its maximum level. Finally, a third "tap" will turn off the device.

Xiaomi Youpin VH

Xiaomi Youpin VH is equipped with two fans Srong 48 in series: the manufacturer declares that this guarantees a better air distribution, maintaining a very low noise level. In fact, the device never exceeds i 40 db using it at the first power step. The manufacturer also declares that the fans will have stability for at least 2000 hours of use.

The dimensions of the fan are of 10 x 10 cm and the weight is of 330 g; the cable length is 1 meter. The fan can be powered either through a USB port or with a DC5V wall adapter. Xiaomi Youpin VH is available in 3 colors, or Black, White and Coral.

Xiaomi Youpin VH

Operation and conclusions

Xiaomi Youpin VH works through tactile commands: this feature, although innovative, has no practical implications in everyday use, except to favor a "clean" design of the product. The operation is surprising: even with compact dimensions, it is able to move the air, refreshing in a light and never annoying way. There noise and complete it absence of vibrations they allowed me to use it directly on the desk in order to refresh myself during the working hours at the PC.

I can only recommend this tool to all those who, not having an air conditioner, still want to have a "cooler" position, without the clutter of a standard fan. And the particularly affordable price, around 13€, makes this Xiaomi Youpin VH perfect for everyone.

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