Chuwi Hi9 Pro Review: Cheap gaming tablet

Despite the Android tablet landscape has been in crisis for several years, Chuwi Hi9 Pro has decided to put trust in this operating system by focusing on the Gaming, with the presence and the arrival of very interesting videogames titles, primarily PUBG and Fortnite. How will he get away? Discover it in ours review.

Chuwi Hi9 Pro Review


Inside the package we find the following equipment:

  • Chuwi Hi9 Pro;
  • EU charger from 5V 2A;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • manuals.

ChuwiHI9 PRO image

Design and construction quality

Aesthetically this Chuwi Hi9 Pro comes with some classic lines, pleasant and a beautiful opaque black color, with the red detail on the Power button, the only aspect to recall the gaming world. The dimensions are 217.4 x 128.9 x 7.9 mm and the weight of 384 g but thanks to the rounded edges it is held fairly well in the hand.

The problem is the constructive quality: the structure creaks frequently even without applying strong pressure and is an aspect to consider in terms of longevity of the terminal. The choice of saving in construction is also seen in the amount of impressions and stains that remain impressed on both the glass and the back of the device.

ChuwiHI9 PRO image


The display is undoubtedly one of the best aspects of this tablet: it's a 8.4 inch, the technology is IPS But say ottima qualità: the colors are not faded, good blacks and angles of vision, as well as the homogeneity of the brightness. Furthermore, the resolution is well 2560 1600 pixels x with a density of PPI 352. Discreet the vision outdoors, even if to make matters worse there is the glass a bit 'too reflective.

ChuwiHI9 PRO image

Hardware and software

If you define a gaming tablet, good hardware can not be missing. On board there is an old knowledge, or the MediaTek Helio X20 (even if CPU-Z detected me the SoC x23 MT6797D). The 20 nm chipset includes a CPU deca-core with a maximum frequency of 2.31 GHz. A lending processor that, together with the 3 GB of LPDDR3 RAM and the ARM GPU Mali-T880 MP4, makes the tablet reactive and exploitable in gaming. You can also insert a memory expansion microSD to expand the not too large 32 GB available.

Unfortunately, however, when using light weight, only one high-frequency core is used instead of the low-speed ones, leading to a rather fast discharge when in stand-by mode. The temperatures are also quite high: 60 ° C with normalized use, 70 ° C in gaming and in stress tests almost 90 ° C (temperatures recorded with 25 ° C external). The software is Android 8.0 Oreo, nicely stock and rare thing on cheap devices.


The tablet, as reported on the official website, is focused on gaming and as such does not disappoint, although not having a top hardware. The uploads are not among the fastest, with Real Racing that takes about 30 seconds to start while PUBG a few seconds more. The important thing is the gaming experience, which turned out to be positive: the frame rate is discreet even in more complex scenes without drastic drops, even with a good quality of play. The commands are reactive, there are no lag or jamming even in prolonged sessions. In the end Chuwi keeps the word, offering a valid product in relation to the price to exploit all the Android titles.

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Photo / video quality

The photographic section of a tablet is generally one of the negative aspects, especially when it comes to economic products. And indeed this Chuwi Hi9 Pro does not reveal big surprises. The cameras are respectively from 8 and 5 mega-pixels: the shots are very noisy, wavy and to obtain a discrete result you must pay special attention. Things do not change clearly for i 1080p video, both for the rear camera and the front one, with a quality that is just enough.

Connectivity and audio

Interesting feature for this tablet is the connectivity in LTE 4G through Nano SIM. No problems were found in this sense, with a reliable and always present signal that makes it possible to play online even outside the home. There is of course the Wi-Fi ac and do not miss the Bluetooth 4.1. The doors are present as doors USB Type-C and there is the entrance mini-jack, often fundamental in gaming, even if the audio is not among the best. Same for the rear speaker, placed in a position where hands often rest. It results however with an acceptable volume but without bass and body.

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After the considerations made on the processor and a battery alone 5000 mAh for a tablet, the results are not surprising. In gaming we reach about the half hour and a half 2 with maximum brightness, in a normal context played with internet and social you get to the end of the day but from a tablet I pretend much more. Recharging is done with a power supply 5V 2A in about 1 hour and a half.


At a time when Android tablets are not very captivating, not even this Chuwi can get involved. The performances are there, the display is beautiful, the promise of offering an economic product suitable for gaming is maintained, but for the limits of the operating system, to make the offer interesting, this tablet does not offer enough. The structure creaks, the autonomy is not the best and then at that point we think that a smartphone is enough. But if you absolutely want an Android tablet to play for little, then it can be a good alternative. You can find it online at a price that is around € 120.


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