Alfawise Mini 3 review: “fitness tracker” for everyone

alfawise mini 3

The wearable devices market has had a great expansion in recent years, with the proliferation of products of all kinds and suitable for every need, from the simplest to the most complex. In this review we will talk about the first case studies, or the Alfawise Mini 3, a Fitness bands very interesting and extremely low price.

Alfawise Mini 3 Review

alfawise mini 3


Inside the package we find the following equipment:

  • Alfawise Mini 3;
  • charging cable with proprietary hooking;
  • user manual in English.

There is no wall adapter for charging, but it will be sufficient to connect it to any USB input powered like that of a PC or the charger of your Smartphone.

alfawise mini 3

Design and materials

The design of the Alfawise Mini 3 is extremely minimal, with no physical buttons and no trademarks in plain sight. The form factor remembers the best known Xiaomi Mi Band 3, to which the Chinese brand seems to have been inspired. On the front we find the OLED display da 0,96" and a single one soft touch button with which you can scroll through the various functions and read information relating to our daily progress. On the bottom, placed in relief, we find the heart rate monitor and the two pins to connect the device to the charging cable.

alfawise mini 3

Alfawise Mini 3 is built entirely of plastic and has a silicone strap with a 'excellent wearability. The constructive quality in its simplicity is perfect and the materials, even if they are not "premium", are nevertheless suitable to keep the weight very low and to give the device solidity. On the wrist it is almost imperceptible and is also certified IP67, thus being able to withstand immersion up to 1 depth meter and to dust. The dimensions are of 240 x 20 x 12 mm and the weight is about 20 g.

alfawise mini 3


As mentioned previously, the smart band is equipped with a display OLED da 0.96". Needless to talk about its resolution given the type of device, but what interests us is his good visibility in every light condition. The brightness of the panel is adjustable through the application directly from the smartphone, but also maintaining an intermediate value, it is perfect in all situations. The interface is enjoyable despite the reduced size of the display also thanks tohigh contrast.

alfawise mini 3

The biggest limit is precisely in the activation through the wrist rotation: although it was customizable even during working hours, it never worked during the test. The problem, which could only be linked to our unit, is however to be reported, having made the use of the key necessary whenever you want to read the time.

Hardware and connectivity

Alfawise Mini 3 has a chipset inside it Nordic nRF51822, which performs his work very well by quickly turning the very light interface of the band. The SoC provides support Bluetooth 4.0 for pairing with your smartphone, always stable and rapid. The pedometer and the sensor heartbeat: the latter also has the ability to measure the blood pressure, although it can not replace a dedicated medical instrument.

Il counting steps It results to be quite accurate, while slightly overestimating the number, offering a report at the end of the day truthful. To make a comparison, about 15% more than a Fitbit Charge 2.

Software and interface

The interface that we find on the Alfawise Mini 3 is extremely simple, and while not bringing innovations in the market results anyway functional. The functions that can be activated by the band are not very many, but as you can see in the gallery that follows on the small display you can read the most important information.

The companion app is called H Band 2.0 and is available for both Android and iOS. The app has many programmable functions including the alarm clock, the activation of the band through gestures, the monitoring of sleep, the warning of sedentariness and the notification of messages. Regarding the possibility of read notifications, the size of the display will allow us to read a part of them but without the possibility of responding.

The function I found most useful is the vibration for calls, so as not to lose it even while holding the smartphone in silent mode. However, in the case of multiple notifications of the same app will appear only the first, while if they are different applications will need a touch on the soft touch button to move to the next.

Features like fitness tracker they are rather limited: more than suitable for fitness, the device is useful for encouraging you to make movement when you are sitting down for a long time. There are no specific modes for sports, but it is only possible to keep a record of your steps and calories burned, as well as monitoring sleep, heartbeat and blood pressure.

The app is still immediately usable even by the less accustomed, with a neat and pleasant interface. Through this, the pairing with the smartphone also takes place, following a guided procedure at the time of the first activation.


The device reaches full charge in about 1 now and will be able to easily reach i 5 days of use always connected to the smartphone. Inadequate autonomy in some respects compared to the 15 / 20 days covered with the Mi Band 3.

Alfawise Mini 3 Review - Conclusions and price

Alfawise Mini 3 is a good device, but to better grasp its placement in the market it is good to specify that its price is less than $ 20 in the most famous Chinese stores. At this price it is impossible to complain about a product that is still working well and very comfortable to wear, useful for all those who want to try using a smart band without investing too much in the device. But also for those who, having a sedentary lifestyle, want to have some incentive to make more movement.

Although with prices poco superior devices such as the aforementioned Mi Band 3 (which remains the best choice both for characteristics and for quality / price compromise), I still feel I can recommend to those who do not want to increase their budget (albeit by a few euros) for this product, in my opinion very successful. If you are interested, you can take advantage of the "GBOBCE021" coupon to buy it a €14.

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