Ticwatch Pro Review: another best buy!

After having landed in Italy in full regalia with Ticwatch E ed S, Mobvoi has decided to want to outperform the competition with a more well-finished product than previous versions while retaining one of its main features, namely its excellent value for money! In fact, a new one has been available in Italy a few weeks ago Ticwatch Pro.

How did you behave during our tests? Let's find out together in the full review.

Ticwatch Pro Review


Change the sales box (which is no longer in aluminum), but does not change the substance, because inside it we find the usual equipment:

  • Ticwatch Pro;
  • Magnetic base for charging;
  • Instruction manual.

A definitely appreciated novelty is the charging base which, unlike the magnetic connector of the previous models, remains firmly on the watch.

Construction and design

Compared to Ticwatch E ed S, the new device produced by Mobvoi It has a lot more design elegance and more materials finein fact we have one aluminum case and a crown with mirrored workmanship.

Ticwatch Pro

Il strap with which the smartwatch is sold, instead, presentsfaux leather in the external part and of the rubber in the inside that surely increases the grip on your wrist, but that during the summer can make you sweat. However, the strap can be quietly replaced with another available on the official store or any other online store / watchmaking.

Although I do not have a generous wrist, I must say that the smartwatch still manages not to look too big thanks to the chest from 45 cm. The dimensions of the latter, in fact, are of 14.6mm thick and 58.5 grams of weight.

Ticwatch Pro

Another big news is that the Ticwatch Pro owns one IP68 certification, which makes it resistant to water and dust. Moreover, after several days of use, it showed no signs of wear or scratches due to slight shocks.

Later we have the microphone and two physical keys, which will allow us to perform the following operations:

  • Single tap on the top button: application list;
  • long press on the upper button: Google Assistant;
  • single tap on the bottom button: Fitness, but we can actually customize it to our liking through the settings;
  • long press on the lower button: switch on, off, restart.

Below are the charging pins, the heart rate sensor and the system speaker.


Perhaps more innovative is that related to the display, as they are present two layers, or one FSTN superior and one AMOLED lower. The first is activated as soon as the watch goes into standby, allowing us to save the battery, but still showing us the time, the remaining battery, the date and steps. When we go to press one of the physical keys, or to rotate the wrist, the AMOLED display si reactivate allowing us to interact with the smartwatch.

In all this, the Ticwatch Pro is equipped with a panel from 1.39 inches with resolution 400 400 pixels x, density of PPI 287 e automatic brightness sensor.

Ticwatch Pro

Precisely regarding the latter the company has made a great step forward, since on Ticwatch E ed S it was not present. There quality of this unity, however, it is very good thanks to gods vivid colors, good viewing angles and excellent maximum brightness, perfect even under direct sunlight. The FSTN displayinstead, having no backlighting will not be clearly visible in the dark.

The definitely interesting part is that how much the battery level will be under the 10%, the smartwatch will go directly to the Essential mode, which will continue to monitor the heartbeat, count steps, manage the fitness part, but not reporting notifications of messages or calls. This mode can also be activated through the appropriate function within the settings.


The upgrade was also done in this field because, despite on board the old ones Ticwatch there was a good one MediaTek MT2601, on this Ticwatch Pro there is a chipset Snapdragon Wear 2100, flanked by 512 MB di RAM e 4 GB di the memory internal. The device runs very well and we did not find any lag or jamming during daily use.


Il Ticwatch Pro is based on Wear OS and as regards this aspect there is not much to elaborate since it is an operating system that we have already seen on other smartwatches. However through this watch it is possible to listen to music with Google Play Music, to command Spotify for smartphone playback, make and answer calls, respond with quick answers / voice command or with the keyboard on WhatsApp (there is no app on the Play Store, so you will not be able to listen or send audio notes) and chat as from smartphone with Telegram since you can download the app.

In short, everything we could do before, but with the addition of the integrated features to the FSTN display. It will be possible to set, therefore, the Essential mode, which if set perpetually can guarantee us up to 30 days of autonomy.

The application Mobvoi for smartphone has suffered of slight changes like the section shop e scene. For the rest this always remains very intuitive e endearing in design, although there are some little mistake in the translation.

I fitness data rather, they are returned depth, confirming the fact that the company wants to focus a lot on sport and not just on productivity.


Il Ticwatch Pro has Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi b / g / n Single Band, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, heart rate monitor, GPS / A-GPS ed NFC. In short, nothing is missing from this smartwatch, a pity that in Italy it is still not possible to use Android Pay and therefore fully exploit theNFC.

Il calculation of the steps however it turns out to be rather accurateobviously we are not at the levels of a device designed exclusively for sport, but the data returned are reliable. Through the clock it is possible to start travel sessions, walk, treadmill, bicycle e freestyle work out (gym). Too bad the fact is not present swimming despite the IP68 certification.

Good also the measurement of heart beats through the appropriate sensor, which has returned results in line with those obtained with an arm blood pressure meter. Furthermore, it is possible to set the constant measurement, but obviously this will affect the autonomy.

Nothing to add on the accuracy of the GPS Compass which allows us to carry out training sessions rather than monitoring accurate the route taken.


Autonomy is going to improve compared to previous models and this is also due to the second display, which will prevent us from constantly awakening the device even just to check the time, allowing us to save battery.

Indeed, thanks to its non-removable unit from 415 mAh, Ticwatch Pro will be able to guarantee us 2 days of autonomy with mixed use. We say that even using it very intensely (physical activity + very frequent notifications + constant display reawakening) we manage to arrive at minimum 1 day and a half.

Activating the Essential mode (So ​​we will give up the smart part, it will be like having a Mi Band 2 on your wrist), the manufacturer claims that it will be possible to reach the 30 days of autonomy.

Finally, the complete recharge takes place in approx 1 now and 15 / 30 minutes.


In conclusion Mobvoi with its Ticwatch Pro has produced a device that definitely points up, while maintaining the price within reach of most users. In fact, this smartwatch is available on Amazon a 249 €, a figure definitely more contained compared to counterparties LG, Huawei, Samsung o Motorola.

What Ticwatch Pro offers us is a complete experience both under the point of view of the productivity that of sport, Thanks to a sensors well supplied e functional. Among the points in favor we can then insert the double display with integrated technology, as well as the good autonomy.

Last updated the 05 / 04 / 2020 11: 45