Review Tronsmart Element Mega Bluetooth speaker

tronsmart element mega review

On several occasions we have talked about Tronsmart, a well-known Asian company in the hi-tech accessory sector. And obviously every brand of the kind that respects can not not include in its catalog at least one Bluetooth speaker. And this type of product is today the protagonist of our review, since we talk about the Tronsmart Element Mega.

Review Tronsmart Element Mega


Inside the package we find the following equipment:

  • Tronsmart Element Mega;
  • USB / microUSB cable for charging;
  • AUX cable;
  • manuals.

tronsmart element mega review

Design and construction quality

This Tronsmart Element Mega presents itself in a rather standard way, with a parallelepiped shape with the logo well displayed on the front. The shell is in plastic in the upper and lower sections, while the central part is surrounded by metal grill to protect the various boxes.

The size of 193 x 80 x 58 mm and the weight of 655 g they make it compact enough to be carried in a backpack, although it is not a featherweight. The Line In input, the On / Off switch and the reader are placed at the rear microSD. The two are on the lower part rubberized feet to provide the right grip on smooth surfaces.


On the upper one, instead, we see the control surface composed of soft touch keys. These are not very precise but still allow you to manage the volume, play / pause, go to the next / previous track and change how to use, choosing between AUX, Bluetooth and microSD. Moreover, it is a touch more than welcome the choice to enter the retro-illumination, both for reasons of visibility in the dark and for pure aesthetics.

tronsmart element mega review


Also in the upper part there is also the logo NFC on which to place the device to be combined faster. The smartphone is detected but unfortunately the Bluetooth connection it does not go well. Fortunately, I did not find any problems of this kind through Bluetooth 4.2, both with smartphone and notebook. The coverage range is the classic one, around the 7 / 10 meters outdoors and around the 3 / 5 meters indoors with obstacles.

A special feature of this device is the possibility of exploiting the technology True Wireless Stereo whereby pair another speaker and thus obtain an expanded effect of the stereophonic scene. The procedure is not particularly immediate but is explained in the manuals. If desired, it is also possible to carry out voice calls, since a has been implemented microphone, but the quality is not exciting.

Audio quality

The aforementioned metal grid protects the two speakers that, combined with subwoofer central, emit an overall output of 40W. And from the point of view of the volume, even with only one box, you will hardly be disappointed. The sound pressure is quite high, despite incurring some perceptible harmonic distortion even to an untrained ear. Nothing tragic, but still present.

From a qualitative point of view, I have to say that I expected better. Despite the presence of a subwoofer not really small, the low frequencies are managed in a manner discreet but nothing more. To put it in musical "jargon", you feel the tip but not the body. So you do not have that enveloping feeling typical of subwoofers. The rest of the sound spectrum is reproduced appropriately, although a certain prevalence of medium / high frequencies is perceived in some contexts.

tronsmart element mega review


A battery is integrated inside the Tronsmart Element Mega 3300 mAh, which offers an autonomy that is around the 8 / 10 hours of overall use, depending on the volume used. Charging takes place a 5V 2.1A and allows you to bring the speaker to the 100% in

Tronsmart Element Mega Review - Conclusions and price

Ultimately, the Tronsmart Element Mega is a Bluetooth speaker from good potential which, however, they have not been exploited owed by the company. Starting from the NFC malfunction to low frequency management. With a cost around € 50 it is not a best-buy and, unless you need a high-volume speaker (but with revisable quality), it is certainly not a product to avoid being missed.

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