Xiaomi 90Fun launches a large, ultra-light and durable umbrella

xiaomi 90fun umbrella

It is not new. Xiaomi has already launched some umbrellas in the past. The new, just presented and realized in collaboration with 90Fun, it is ultra light, but very resistant and wide. It can accommodate up to 3 people and weighs poco more than 300 grams.

Xiaomi 90Fun presents a new umbrella designed to be carried with you always

xiaomi 90fun umbrella

An umbrella not to be taken only if there is fear that it may rain. An accessory that can protect both from rain and from sun (40 UPF) and be easily transportable. All without giving up design and excellent build quality.

The new Xiaomi umbrella contains all these features. The protection sheet is made with one special waterproof fabric based on 4 layers. Not only there is no risk of rain penetrating, but it will be enough to shake it because the accumulated rain slips away without risking to transport it inside closed places.

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The fulcrum of the umbrella is made of nylon and glass fiber, in order to guarantee a good degree of robustness. Even the 8 rods which make up the skeleton of the umbrella are made of very resistant material.

The accessory is only available in China at a price of approx €7,40 at the exchange. The only two colors are black and gray.

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