Banggood delays? Here's how to track the European Direct Mail with Flyt Express | Tracking

In the last weeks the excellent shipping without customs offered by Banggood European Direct Mail or also European Live score on the Italian site, it has suffered delays not caused by the store or by the courier but by a strengthening of security controls (sacrosanti!) and the correct payment of customs duties.

As specified in our articles and in the channels Telegram dedicated to offers di Banggood, shipping is free of customs charges as the store pays them originally. Therefore no worries for duties to be incurred upon arrival!

European Direct Mail: here's how to draw from China to Europe with Flyt Express

Shipping is managed in Europe da GLS that, at the time of departure, indicates to have created a label in Belgium, or at the European sorting center of Puurs. This tracking of GLS it will update only once the package has arrived physically in the Belgian courier ready to send in Italy.

And in the middle? Here is a quick guide on how to track the shipment, using the tracking code provided by Banggood, with Flyt Express, or the courier that handles the route from Hong Kong a Puurs, from China a Europe.

Flyt Express: how to track the European Direct Mail from the official website

Flyt Express Banggood

The fastest way to track shipping Banggood is to use the Official site di Flyt Express using the tracking code provided by the store. The site will take you back from the Chinese warehouse until you arrive in Belgium and an additional code that starts with A corresponding directly to Flyt Express.

The last step, before leaving the China, is Item in Transit ad Hong Kong. The days that pass from this movement to the arrival in Belgium represent the time spent traveling and at customs for the related checks.

Flyt Express: how to track the European Direct Mail from the app

You can use some applications to track movements even from smartphones. In our case we have verified that Deliveries e TrackChecker both support this courier and, therefore, allow you to have a complete overview of the movements of the package. You can add both GLS and Flyt Express so as to have all the updates of both couriers in real time.

European Direct Mail: what are the real time frames?

The shipment in question guarantees a excellent service if we consider the cost of a few euros and the average delivery speed. Usually the purchased product uses from 7 to 15 working days to transit from China to your homes.

In special cases like this, the waiting period may extend up to 20 working days or little more. These are unpredictable circumstances that have also involved other Chinese stores and that are part of the historians Pro e Cons when buying from China.

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