Although the market of tablet always has less appeal, especially in the field Androidthis does not mean that the interest has completely waned. Indeed, thanks to the online market you can get in touch with products with an interesting quality / price ratio. This is the case of the Lenovo P8 aka TAB3 8 Plus, launched more than a year ago and listed by many as one of the possible best buy of the category. How much is true in this statement? Discover it in ours review.

Lenovo P8 review


Inside the package we find the following equipment:

  • Lenovo P8;
  • Asian 5V 2A charger;
  • USB / microUSB cable;
  • manuals.

Lenovo P8 TAB3 8 Plus review

Design and construction

Aesthetically speaking, the Lenovo P8 has a peculiar characteristic, namely one back cover in aquascape Sandstone. This implies a purely in construction polycarbonate, fortunately of good workmanship and unwilling to get dirty. During these trial days I stressed it carrying it around and the tablet does not show any sign of wear. The texture used is rather pleasant both to the touch and to the sight, as a certain degree of slipperiness is felt.

With dimensions of 210 x 125 x 8.9 mm and a weight of 329 g it is a balanced whole terminal. You will not have difficulty gripping it with one hand, as well as carrying it around in a backpack. Of course it is that the lack of the ID sensor in some ways it is felt, since we are talking about a tablet with 4G connectivity, therefore thought to be carried around, with consequent risk of theft or loss.


On the front we have a screen from 8 inches with resolution Full HD (1920 x 1200 pixels), density of 283 PPI and ratio in 16: 10. The first thing you notice is the little oleophobicity of protective flat glass, so be prepared to spin with an ad hoc cloth. The frames are not lacking, even if not excessive, especially considering that on a tablet are functional to its use.

Lenovo P8 TAB3 8 Plus review

The unit IPS used is of sufficient invoice, without major merits or gaps. The display offers good lamination and viewing angles that do not excel but without compromising the vision. But more generally the colors reproduced do not have a strong visual impact, resulting slightly washed out when put alongside even mid-range range smartphones.

Among the quick toggles we find the mode Adaptive Display, which places a small additional button in the dock. By clicking on it you can quickly select between some presets without leaving the app running. Among these we find the Reading, Multimedia and Personalized mode.

Lenovo P8 TAB3 8 Plus reviewPerformance and software

One of the things that makes Lenovo P8 stand out among the competition is the chipset used. Yes, because I Snapdragon 625 it is certainly not a very widespread choice, although more than appreciable. The SoC integrates a processor octa-core Cortex-A53 a 2.0 GHz, together with a GPU Adreno 506 up to 650 MHz and assisted by 3 GB of RAM LPDDR3-933 single channel. The switch between the app in the background is done properly.

Thanks also to a rather sober software tending to Android Stock, le performance they have proven themselves more than enough. Moving between the various menus you notice how fluidity is not at the highest levels and with an intense use some slowdowns are felt. If you do not have big claims from this point of view is a device that you can use safely.

Lenovo P8 TAB3 8 Plus review

Speaking of gaming, thanks to the aforementioned graphics card it is possible to play in any title without major limitations. Even recent and / or heavy games like Tekken, Asphalt 8, Monument Valley 2, Riptide or Real Racing 3 run fluids with medium / high details (PUBG to minimal details) without going to the detriment of temperatures.

The major limit is undoubtedly the internal eMMC memory alone 16 GB (about 11 GB available to the user), one of the biggest compromises of this machine. The advice is to get one microSD at high speed and use it as an internal memory. Another limitation, this time software, is that on board Lenovo P8 we have Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, with security patches in April 2017 and no major update in sight. This implies above all theassenza the split-screen, a rather important modality in the tablet field.



As anticipated, a noteworthy bonus of the Lenovo P8 is support for 4G connectivity, complete with a slot Dual SIM. However, being a product designed for the Asian market, the modem only covers frequencies B1 (2100 MHz) e B3 (1800 MHz) for LTE connectivity. This means that you often end up indoors in 2G, while around there are more frequencies hooked up to 3G / 4G networks.

Lenovo P8 TAB3 8 Plus review

The situation is more favorable in the case of Wi-Fi b / g / n / ac Dual Band, which can also be connected to 5 GHz networks. The department also includes Bluetooth 4.0, FM Radio and GPS Compass, the latter well working thanks to the compass. Video calls can be managed via the two sensors from 8 and 5 mega-pixels, with a discrete photo / video quality for the category.

Sample camera

Audio quality

The last point in favor of the Lenovo P8 is represented by the presence of stereo speaker with support Dolby Atmos. The quality is not the first of the class but what matters is the reproduced stereo effect, more than appreciable when playing videos, movies and in gaming sessions. Dolby customizations are also available via mini-jack, with an average sound quality.


Inside the Lenovo P8 we find a battery from 4250 mAh, a value that on paper does not make a miracle cry, since there are smartphone with the same SoC, but smaller displays and batteries from 4000 mAh (if not more capacious). In practice, however, I remained satisfied with the autonomy provided, especially in standby, given minimum consumption.

Hardly the tablet will leave you on foot, unless you use it on the move with active data connectivity: in this case you will hardly go beyond the day. Using it in a more homely way you will be able to make a few days of use. There recharge it takes place through a door microUSB and it takes about 2 hours to go from 0% to 100%.

Lenovo P8 TAB3 8 Plus review

Lenovo P8 review - Conclusions and price

Define the Lenovo P8 as an absolute best buy it could be seen as an exaggeration, since the limitations are not lacking. Everything is reduced if you think of its price range, since you can now bring it home with about 130 €. These figures are not easy to find better, and the alternatives also present obvious shortcomings.

If you are looking for a particularly powerful tablet, you probably should increase your budget and turn to higher-end products. In case you want to spend no more than 200 euro, here is Lenovo P8 revealed one of the best choices.

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