RealMe separates from OPPO: a story like that of OnePlus?

oppo realms separate

The brand RealMe has been officially detected by Li Bingzhong, former vice president of OPPO. The same entrepreneur pointed this out through Weibo. The brand seems to be definitely free from OPPO and we have no clear what will be its next future.

RealMe separates itself from OPPO, it seems the same story of OnePlus

oppo realms separate

The RealMe brand was born of OPPO to deal with India the Xiaomi line-up known as RedMi. The brand was founded only a few months ago and the first smartphone was launched at the same time. The device, RealMe 1, has been sold exclusively with Amazon India and seems to have obtained a fairly interesting result. They would indeed be 400.000 units shipped.

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The exclusive with the e-commerce giant helps to understand how (also) this brand is voted for online sale, as a strategy to reduce costs by proposing interesting products.

Now that the brand, totally separate from OPPO, is in the hands of Li Bingzhong, its future is to be understood. Of course, the entrepreneur must smell the potential in the brand and in what it represents (ie quality products with a good quality / price ratio). His decision is very similar to that of Liu Zuohu, who in the 2013 left OPPO - where he worked as a manager - for to found permanently OnePlus.