ELEPHONE will soon launch a borderless smartphone similar to Vivo NEX

elephone camera pop-up

ELEPHONE will soon present a smartphone almost totally borderless, with a frame / frame ratio of around 95%. The company was directly informed by a post on Weibo, accompanied by an official image. The most interesting gem is certainly the presence of one dual camera pop-up dedicated to selfie.

ELEPHONE is ready to launch its first smartphone with dual camera pop-up

elephone camera pop-up

Generally it never goes long before smartphone makers copy each other, introducing the most interesting features of the competition within their devices. About this, remember the notch spread like wildfire.

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ELEPHONE he found the pop-up mechanism used by Vivo for the selfie camera of his borderless NEX. And here the Chinese company's next flagship will have exactly the same technology on board. It seems however that the brand will do even more, in fact the front room will be double. Two cameras that, as shown in the render, will come out snapping from the top of the smartphone.

Obviously, it is to be hoped that - in addition to borrowing the idea - ELEPHONE will be able to make a product with the same constructive quality. Otherwise, the pop-up mechanism could easily break.

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