After a year or poco more from his momentary departure from our continent, OPPO makes its comeback and does it in style. In addition to the presentation of the much desired Find X, on the Italian market arrives The OPPO R15, the company flagship for the medium / high range. Full screen design, power and dual AI camera, in addition to a sought after aesthetic, will make it a valid proposal? Discover it in ours review.

OPPO R15 Pro Review


Inside the package we find the following equipment:

  • OPPO R15 Pro;
  • protective silicone case;
  • EU quick charger from 5V 4A;
  • USB / microUSB cable;
  • non-in-ear headphones;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • manuals.

Design and construction quality

In all my life I have seen several red smartphones, but I have to admit that this The OPPO R15 it is perhaps the model that I prefer most in its coloring Ruby Red. Through the use of the curved glass for the rear body, a chromatic processing was carried out gradual progression. Lately the color has returned to be a parameter of choice in the purchase of a smartphone and this variant has made center in this respect.

review oppo r15 pro

It starts from the hottest shade of the lower profile, turning towards a warmer red at the top. A very well done effect, that catches the eye but does it in an elegant way. On the back you place the sensor ID, among the fastest and most accurate I've ever tested. Alternatively, there is also the Face ID, also valid in low light with its 128 scanning points. Too bad just for the need to swipe to go home and not be able to disable this step.

A peculiar element that I visually appreciated, then, is the groove performed on the lower frame (but not on the upper frame). A detail that, although only aesthetically useful, makes everything more sought after.

L'The OPPO R15 offers certification IP67 against dust and liquids up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. The dimensions are of 156.5 x 75.2 x 8 mm, With a weight of 180 g, are not excessive if we consider the diagonal of the large display here allocated. The smartphone has a curved shape on the back sides, with the glass that meets the aluminum frame, which makes it the right ergonomic. The glass is not very slippery but holds the fingerprints (albeit not too much).


As poco ago anticipated, the OPPO R15 Pro has a rather generous screen. It is a panel Super Full Screen by well 6.28 inches diagonal with resolution Full HD + (2280 x 1080 pixels), 401 PPI density and protection Gorilla Glass 5 with 2.5D processing. The work of optimizing frames has led to one screen-to-body ratio dell '89%. To favor the form factor in 19:9 it is also possible to hide the on-screen keys (invertible).

This involves the presence of the notch, in which the selfie camera, the capsule and the sensor are integrated, while the notification LED is absent. Among other things, there is theAlways-on which includes, however, only notifications related to Chinese text messages and apps. This is possible thanks to technology OLED with Diamond PenTile matrix.

A certain is already evident from the aesthetics of the interface chromatic wealth, in addition to a high contrast (60000: 1) and obviously absolute blacks. The brightness is not the highest in the industry but more than enough to guarantee aexcellent readability even outdoors, as well as good viewing angles without particular color variations. The only small drawback is the brightness sensor, reactive but tending to decline.

review oppo r15 pro

Software side is possible adjust the temperature of the screen, between neutral, colder or warm shades. The same can be done with the Night mode, Available at 3 mode: Color (classic), black and white or Comfortable (a kind of color inversion in B&W).

A unique and interesting option of OPPO R15 Pro is called Full Screen Multitasking. When you go in landscape mode (or Landscape), for example with YouTube or compatible apps, shortcuts will appear in the two display portions next to the notch. These allow you to open apps like Message, Messenger e WhatsApp in floating mode, in the Picture in Picture style. Besides that there are two toggles to make a screenshot and to block notifications.

Hardware and Performance

Under the hood of R15 Pro we find the Snapdragon 660 Qualcomm, appreciated chipset made at 14 nm. It includes a CPU octa-core to 2.2 GHz with Kryo 260 proprietary architecture. Appreciated because, although it does not belong to the 8xx family, it is a rather powerful and well-optimized solution. This includes 6 GB of RAM LPDDR4X-1866 dual channel e 128 GB (108 GB available) of internal storage expandable via microSD up to 256 GB.

review oppo r15 pro

And in fact these days I have never experienced any kind of slowing down, bugs or freeze of any kind. To manage the graphic part there is the Adreno 512, a GPU that can handle even the heaviest games well. The proof of fire is with PUBG which, set to maximum details, has a stable frame rate on 30 fps.

OPPO R15 Pro game acceleration

All without heating too much, with CPU temperatures not exceeding 60 / 65 ° C e no signs of thermal throttling. To facilitate everything there is the feature "Acceleration game", With which to block notifications, clear the RAM and limit the access to the Internet of the app in the background.



On the device we find Android 8.1 Oreo with May 2018 security patch. To customize everything is there ColorOS 5.1, the renewed proprietary interface also available in Italian language. However, some translations are still to be improved. Compared to previous versions, the UI has been made more cohesive to the Android landscape, although the similarities with iOS are still many.

For example, the Control Center has been eliminated and replaced by the classic notification curtain with quick toggles. At the same time it is still absent the drawer and there are no addition options, although you can adjust the app grid in the home (4 × 6 or 5 × 6) and there are Temi. Furthermore, the phone is free of bloatware or third-party software, except for the useful (and uninstallable) WPS Office.

Personally I found it inconvenient that, as on Mi 8, le notifications they are not shown in the status bar because of poco space resulting from the notch. The only way to display them is to lower the notification curtain. The fast answer option is also available from the lock screen. Another thing that I found avoidable is not being able to delete notifications directly with a swipe, since we will have to swipe to the left and click on "Delete". An additional step that, if on the one hand is done to avoid erasing them by mistake, on the other hand makes everything more cumbersome.

Make a swipe right from the home you access theIntelligent Assistant. This is a parallel (disabled) screen where widgets are displayed containing shortcuts, weather, pedometer, events and favorite contacts. The option Clone app allows you to have two instances of software such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp and Telegram.

Another factor on which OPPO has bet is the safety:

  • App Blocking: Encrypt apps via PIN;
  • Private security: encrypt photos, videos and various files via biometric unlocking;
  • Secure keyboard: when entering password switches automatically to the OPPO keyboard to prevent any third-party keyboards from acquiring information;
  • Screenshot prevention: screenshots are locked in the app lock and private security apps;
  • Recording block: in case an app starts a recording of the screen or via microphone, a pop-up will inform us of the fact.

Photo / video quality

Later we find a double module arranged horizontally. These are two sensors from 16 + 20 mega-pixel with opening f/ 1.7-1.7 and PDAF autofocus. The main one is the recent one Sony IMX519 co-engineered with Sony, with 1 / 2.6 "dimensions and 1.22 μm pixels. The secondary is used to make photos Portrait, with a size of 1 / 2.8 ″ and 1.0 μm pixels, and to help in the night phase.

review oppo r15 pro

From a software point of view, the Camera app includes filters, AR stickers, Auto HDR mode and that Manual. The latter allows you to adjust white balance, value and exposure times, ISO and focus (no picture in RAW). There is also a mode Ultra HD to take interpolated photos at 50 mega-pixels.

Given the increasing use of artificial intelligence features, here too we have the recognition of the scene (not deactivable), with up to 120 scenes and consequent changes to the parameters of the photo. In general, the shots that are obtained are good but inconsistent. If you have a minimum of an eye and a steady hand, you often pull out some of them discrete photos, especially with intermediate lights, and with a level of detail well immortalized.

Outdoors under the full sun, on the other hand, there is a certain tendency to overexposure, with a Auto HDR not very invasive, indeed. I advise you to keep it active always and possibly deactivate it if necessary. At night, however, the detail falls due to the lack of stabilization, while managing to maintain a good dynamic range of colors.

Google Drive link with original size photos

The selfie camera from 20 mega-pixels with opening f/ 2.0 I was surprised positively. Thanks also to the hardware technology Sensor-HDR, self-portraits against the light are absolutely not a problem. Not to mention that this is used even in Portrait mode, perhaps more unique than rare, complete with 3D lighting effects. Among the shooting options we also have the AI ​​Beauty Technology, for various beauty effects, and the Stickers AR.

Videos can be recorded up in 4K is 30 fps, as well as in slow-motion a 240 fps in HD and 120 fps in FHD. Good details as well as the colors captured in the clips, but the stabilization it does not seem to intervene much. The same can be said for the front clips in Full HD, very good quality but with a revisable stabilization.

Connectivity and audio quality

The OPPO R15 Pro offers support dual SIM 4G +, with more than enough coverage and that has never given me any problem whatsoever in these test days. The speeds were also discreet, even if not record. We have then Wi-Fi ac Dual Band, cosím come il Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, DLNA and sensors worked well for navigation.

The audio sector consists of one mono speaker placed on the lower frame. Although it is not a double solution, the case returns a good volume, with a clear output and without audible distortions. But what convinced me the most is the audio in the headphones, thanks to the input mini-jack at the bottom and a software optimized with the team Dirac.

The volume is quite strong, allowing even the use of headphones with greater impedance. I particularly appreciated the cleanness of the sound, with frequencies well balanced with each other without prevalences. Unless you go to interact with the good equalizer integrated into the software.


We conclude talking about autonomy, with an integrated battery from 3430 mAh, a unit suitable for the size of the display. Standby power consumption is good, with a -5% per hour, while video streaming in FHD for 10 minutes involves -2%. It is a smartphone that brings in the evening quite quietly, provided you do not overdo it with the use in 4G.

One of the peculiarities of the OPPO terminals is fast charging VOOC, which also derived the famous OnePlus Dash Charge. With the charger supplied by 5V 4A you can upload the smartphone of the 60% in about 30 minutes, while del 100% in about 90 minutes.

review oppo r15 pro

OPPO R15 Pro Review - Conclusions and price

The OPPO R15 from today it is official in Italy at a price of 649 €, a figure that must be contextualized to offline market, given that this smartphone will be on sale at MediaWorld, thus being able to see it directly in the store. And I advise you to do it: in its coloring Ruby Red offers an aesthetic that can hardly be forgotten.

It is a smartphone that heads in its category: quick, from the large OLED display and with the best selfie camera ever tried so far. But it presents some flaw that could be avoided. For example, the microUSB port, now absent even on cheaper devices, and software that can be improved, especially with regard to notifications and some translations.