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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review

After waiting for more than two years, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 it has finally arrived on the market. His task is not at all easy since he has to try to beat the result of the smartband that preceded it, which has ground record on record becoming the best-selling wearable device. Looking back over the history of this product, we can see how the evolution took place step by step without upsetting what is the natural essence of the product. Will it win the hearts of Xiaomi users and not? Let's find out inside our review.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review

Design and construction

Change the numbering but not the one that is the true essence of the product. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 the fil rouge of this family of products resumes. The password remains simplicity. It is the aspect that, of course, the most wearable from the first glance. This allows the product to be worn both on daily occasions rather than during events. Precisely regarding the unpredictability, we can immediately say that it is really very good and takes a step forward compared to the Mi Band 2, thanks to the design.

The lines are not distorted but rendered softer compared to the previous model. The capacitive button it remains but is integrated below the glass, with a recess that facilitates its identification by touch. The overall appearance is definitely harmonious, making sure that there is not an element of discontinuity between the fitness band and the silicone strap.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review

Speaking of the latter, we can see how it is less rigid compared to the past. Furthermore, now the smartband is much more difficult to remove, in order to avoid any involuntary leakage of the smartband. The beating heart of the Mi Band 3 remains its central part that increases in size, compared to the past, thanks to a wider display. A praise to the front glass, which has not been damaged or damaged during use and appears more resistant compared to the previous generation.

On the bottom, always built in polycarbonate but with a matte finish, is the heart rate monitor, slightly more protruding than before, while on the side we find the pins for the recharge, which takes place in approx 1 hours. The device is resistant to water splashes and dives up to 5 ATM. No problem if we forget it on the wrist during a shower or a dip in the pool, even if a software mode is missing a swimming mode. Finally, the dimensions are of 17.9 x 46.9 x 12 mm for a total weight of approx 20 g.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review


The small screen of the smartband has a diagonal from 0.78 inches. The brightness is good and will make us partly forget the problems of reading that you could have outdoors under direct sunlight. The panel resolution is from 128 80 pixels x and the technology used is OLED. Obviously we are not here to talk about PPI, because for the display of the only notifications we have no problems.

To go to awaken the screen will suffice or simply tap the soft touch button or use the movement of the wrist that is so responsive but certainly improved. The other news is that we now have a real one touch display, with which to move through the menus through swipe.

Hardware and connectivity

It's not the core of the product and there isn't much to say either. We don't have loads of RAM and core processors. However, we are not interested in this as it is okay. Obviously we have no jamming problems and there are no bugs to report. Everything he does is done perfectly. Connectivity side we have the Bluetooth 4.2 LE and compatibility with Android 4.4 or higher e iOS 9.0 or higher. Present, finally, a accelerometer su 3 axis.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review

Software and notifications

If the app to be used does not change, and we are obviously talking about We Fit of Xiaomi, the one that changes on board of Mi Band 3 it is precisely the smartband software. We do not have a distortion, as anticipated at the beginning, but a greater amount of information that we can view on the smart band itself. The home is slightly customizable, since we can go and choose between 3 different watchfaces.

With a swipe upward we can access the following menus, including your own daily activity, with the steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and in abnormal position, the percentage of remaining battery. With a second swipe we can access the menu of the heartbeat measurement. To start the check, just hold your finger on the soft touch button for a few seconds. The results are very similar to those of the Mi Band 2, which would lead to the hypothesis that the sensor could be the same. Proceeding again we can access the menu of the weather, configurable by the app, which will show atmospheric information to 3 days.

We have, then, what is one of the most awaited news, or the notifications. First of all, the Mi Fit app will have to select which apps to receive on the smartband. This done, unlike before, now a 'preview of the message, in addition to the name of the app from which it arrives and the sender. We tested it positively with Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, WhatsApp, Gmail, YouTube and Instagram, without any problem. As for the management of phone calls, in case of calls we will receive an alert on the 3 Mi Band. We can silence the ring tone with a touch of the key or remove the call by holding it down.

Obviously it is not possible to answer from the band, neither to calls nor to notifications. A maximum of 5 notifications will be stored, after which the older ones will be deleted to make room for the later ones. Not deleting automatically, we will have to do it manually, by holding down the capacitive key. Finally, there is a menu with the remaining functions, that is the stopwatch, find my phone and information on the software.

Fit me and Italian translation

We specify that the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has been tested with firmware in Italian and also the app We Fit has been appropriately changed. For all information on how to set the Italian language on the smartband we refer you to our specific guide, coming soon.

The application We Fit does not need any introduction. Functionality, appearance, graphics and management are absolutely the same as those already seen in the past. There are no news from this point of view. The home page will show the graph of the steps taken. The kilometers traveled and the calories burned are related to this. Counting is quite accurate and reliable. It will then be possible to view the hours of sleep of the previous night. Present thesleep analysis, with the detection of deep sleep and light sleep, precise and accurate. Finally, it will be possible to see the score made in the last days.

In activity, however, it will be possible to set the type of training to run, between running, treadmill, bicycle and walk. Although the treadmill function is present, activating it or not will not change the outcome of the final result. Thanks to the improved display, however, we can follow the activity data in real time directly on the 3 Mi Band.

In the final screen we can "Tweak" with the features. For example, we can decide to unlock the smartphone when the smartband is within range of Bluetooth, or to receive the call and wake-up notification. We can then set the alerts for the app of our interest as well as the alert of sedentariness. In addition to checking the software version, we can choose which menus to display on the display. Interesting the presence of synchronization with your account Google Fit.


This is the aspect that will attract the attention of you users. With a stronger use we have arrived at 5 days of autonomy always keeping it connected to your smartphone. Going to set the parameters of use in a slightly 'more flexible way, it will be possible to go to totalize even a few more days.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review - Conclusions and price

The evolution of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 it took place in small steps over time but not for this reason one feels the need for more. The stock firmware is still in Chinese but thanks to our guide you will not have problems from this point of view. Thanks to ilGruppoTester we were able to use it in Italian, giving us a user experience definitely more rewarding. The added features make the use of the band more complete to the delight of users.

The test sample was sent to us from the Italian store TopResellerStore and is offered at a price of 49 €, with Shipping in 24 hours from Italy and assistance and warranty of 24 months.

If the expectations do not scare you, you can also order it from the main Chinese stores, such as GearBest and BangGood, which offer the same product at a lower price. It will be necessary to wait a few days for delivery and to sacrifice assistance in Italy.

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