Lo Xiaomi Mi 8 is a device that has marked with the hype the past few months to the point to aspire, before launch, to one of the best smartphones of 2018 regardless of the design and technical specifications then unveiled during the presentation.

We have thoroughly tested this device in order to dissect all its qualities and defects and, at the moment, is not the top of the range that we wanted to test after the launch of an excellent Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S which, from some points of view, is currently an even better choice than the My 8.

So let's see in our review why Xiaomi Mi 8 with ROM China is, for the moment, postponed until September awaiting necessary and at least desirable optimizations.

The review is divided into chapters so as to facilitate reading and has been deepened in about 2 weeks of testing in order to treat every single detail in the best possible way.

1Xiaomi Mi 8 Review - Pack

Lo Xiaomi Mi 8 arrives in an elegant pack of black cardboard with a reflective 8 printed on the front. Inside we find:

  • The smartphone;
  • instruction booklet in Chinese;
  • extractor for the SIM slot;
  • a silicone cover;
  • a type-c mini-jack adapter from 3.5 mm for headphones.
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