ZTE: estimated 3.1 billion losses due to disputes with the United States

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We resume talking about the political-economic diatribe that involved ZTE and the government of the United States. After the news they would like a collaboration between America and China to find an advantageous compromise, we start to draw the first sums that show considerable losses for the Chinese company.

Due to the freezing of the US market, losses of 3.1 billion for ZTE are estimated

The cyclone that struck ZTE because of the commercial interactions with "hostile" countries to USA, start showing the first damages. We recall that following the investigation and, before this was completed, the ban was imposed a ZTE. These penalizations have cost the company, today we know how much: 3.1 billion of dollars. The figures come from a report of Bloomerg who tried to quantify the emerging damage and the loss of profit resulting from sanctions. If the sanctions should be confirmed, in fact, the loss estimated by Bloomerg it would be, as mentioned, equal to 3.1 billion.

Clearly the numbers could change after the agreements provided by both governments. In fact if you decide to downsize the sanctions and give a chance to ZTE to return to the market, the scenario would be completely different. This story, however, has accustomed us to sudden reversals in the face, so we can expect everything, even if, it seems that the situation has stabilized thanks to the entry into the field of the institutional investor of ZTE (the Chinese government).

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