Xiaomi launches a 100 ″ laser screen poco more than 1000 $

xiaomi XNAX-100 laser screen

Xiaomi has just presented another decidedly interesting product, from the excellent relationship quality / price. At least on paper. This is a display from 100" that exploits technology laser to offer one optimal image quality even in very bright environments. Not only that, included in the price of approx $1088 there will also be a projector. So the screen would have double functionality.

Xiaomi presents a 100 laser screen "

xiaomi XNAX-100 laser screen

The Chinese giant, in rapid expansion also from us in Europe, has from poco established a positioning record in the eastern market as a TV manufacturer In fact, it turned out the second in China with well 550 thousand units shipped in the month of March 2018. Riding on the unstoppable wave of success, the company has just presented a well-designed laser screen 100" and an aspect ratio 16:9. The display has a series of settings that have as main objective the possibility to guarantee Maximum visibility in any brightness condition.

Furthermore, the device should arrive together with a projector able to project at a distance of 550 ± 40 mm. This means that the screen from 100 "will be perfect also to be used as a support for projections. The company is behind the production of the screen Fengmi Technology, a subsidiary of Xiaomi, which has succeeded in developing laser technology ALPD. The latter would be able to offer the highest quality at low cost. On the laser display by 100 "that laser technology ALPD 3.0.

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