Smartisan Nut Pro 2: here are the GizROM MIUI 9 and 360 OS

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The development (worldwide exclusive) of the TWRP recovery and the Chinese firmware translation have allowed our GizROM Team to gain some confidence in modding for  Smartisan Nut Pro 2, experience that we decided to reinvest in the development of two interesting ports for this model. Here you are GizROM MIUI 9 Alpha and GizROM 360 OS Alpha!

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Smartisan Nut Pro 2: here are the GizROM MIUI 9 and 360 OS

Despite the many hours dedicated to the project the two custom ROMs are still in alpha phase, therefore unsuitable for everyday use. The two major bugs are in particular related to camera malfunction and, in the model from 256 GB, to the internal memory management (only 128 GB are recognized).

The MIUI 9 port also uses the China Developer version as a basis, therefore exclusively in Chinese and English. The 360 OS ROM, taken from the firmware for N6 Pro, instead uses the location taken care of by our team, and is therefore in Italian too.

forum logoIf you wish to try these ROMs, we invite you to follow in full and carefully installation procedures available on our forum. The discussion dedicated to the GizROM MIUI 9 Alpha is particularly available at this link, while you can reach the one on the GizROM 360 OS Alpha at this address. Feedback and suggestions, as always, are welcome.

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