Xiaomi shop in Italy: here are the products and pricing policy of the Mi Store

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After being transported by the emotional video published by Xiaomi (you would have never expected to see a brand spot ... in Italian?) come some news that will be extremely welcome to the curious and the Mi Fans who wait with hype to open the first Xiaomi store in Italy. Colleagues of D-DAY they managed to interview Of Zhang, General Manager of Wing (the company that imports the products of Xiaomi in our country) getting succulent information about the products that will come and go prices.

The products and prices of the first Xiaomi Mi Store store in Italy have been unveiled

xiaomi store milan italy 26 may

The official landing of the Chinese technological giant in Italy is scheduled for 24st May and the rumors about the first Xiaomi store become more "intense". The We Store Italy should open its doors to the public starting from the May 26, in a Milan location not yet revealed and shrouded in mystery. Despite this, fans of the brand have found bread for their teeth, thanks to some "revelations" in preview regarding prices and products that will land in Italy.

The Asian company intends to bring a whole series of hi-tech accessories (and not) in addition to smartphones that have made it famous all over the globe. The same Di Zhang says that Xiaomi is more like Ikea or Amazon, thanks to a vast ecosystem and many partner companies. With over 6000 products in its catalog (available at home), the brand is almost like a real lifestyle.

Here are the products coming (and the big absentees)

According to Zhang, Italian users will welcome about 120 products. Unfortunately, among these, they will not appear medical devices like thermometers and even the robotic vacuum cleaners (that we have learned to love). Ditto for smart TV and for laptops, which should reach the end of 2018 (or early next year).

As for the products that will be presented in Italy, in addition to smartphones, users will be able to get their hands on some devices like hoverboard, bicycles e scooters electrical. In addition there will also be household products such as the rice cooker of the brand, spazzolini electrical, cameras video surveillance, towels, and so on.

Talking about prices ...

... Di Zhang has revealed that the various devices and accessories of the brand should suffer an increase of about 3 / 4% compared to those seen in Spain. For more information, take a look at our article focused on the Mi Store Barcelona.

At first some products will also be available at large distribution chains (such as Mediaword). However it seems that Xiaomi is injected to give life to an online e-commerce; in addition, it seems that the Milan store may not be the only one.

Finally, a small note: the warranty will only be recognized for the products purchased in Europe. Import devices from Asian stores will not be eligible for this service. So, satisfied with the aims, products and prices of Xiaomi in Italy?

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