Vivo will make an announcement on June 12: Vivo APEX coming?

vivo apex coming June 12 1

Vivo has an important announcement to make and has planned for the 12nd June. Everything leaves us thinking about the official arrival of Vivo APEX on the market. After seeing it first at the MWC 2018 and more during the official presentation in China, the super borderless could be ready to debut on the market.

Vivo APEX coming on June 12th? It seems so!

vivo apex coming June 12 1

The Chinese company did not specify anything, but the clues are clear enough. Above all, the borderless shown in the image that formalizes the date on which Vivo will make its announcements lets poco room for doubts. However, it is good to consider them as indiscretions precisely because there is no official confirmation.

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Vivo APEX is a smartphone that could revolutionize the smartphone sector with its display equipped with 98% screen / frame ratio. Normally, the upper part of the display is the most difficult to "eliminate" in terms of broths, the front camera has been moved inside a external module retractable. Instead, the fingerprint reader è integrated under the display.

vivo apex coming June 12th

For the time being, the press conference to be held Vivo we only know that it was set for 12 June in Shenzen. We are quite sure it could be APEX, also because the company has specified that the arrival on the market would have been foreseen for the half of 2018.

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