Lenovo Z5 will arrive in a variant with ... 4 TB of storage!

Smartisan has from poco presented its new top of the range,R1, which in addition to a first-class hardware compartment with the Snap 845 and up to 8 GB RAM also features a version with a giant UFS 2.1 memory on board 1 TB. If you have been amazed, then it is likely that you are going to do an encore since the Lenovo Z5 will be marketed in a variant from 4 TB storage!

Lenovo Z5 with 4 TB of storage: isn't that a bit much?

lenovo z5

This was revealed by the company's VP himself, Chang Cheng (known to most also as ex-CEO of ZUK). Through a post on Weibo, the manager has confirmed that the next flagship of the brand will be officially presented in June and that will also come in version from 4 TB of internal memory. The Lenovo Z5, standing to a sketch previously published by Cheng, it could arrive with an almost completely borderless design and host a retractable selfie camera like the recent one Vivo APEX.

In the case of Smartisan R1, a colossal flash memory could be justified by the use of the device together with the TNT Workstation, a combination that looks like a real PC with extremely attractive features (Check out our video to find out more!). But for the Lenovo Z5? Are not "slightly" too many 4 TB of storage space?

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