Weibo backs down: gay content will no longer be banned from the social media

weibo censors gay content revoked

Only last Friday Weibo, which could be called the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, had announced one severe cleaning of contents belonging to categories of disorder. Between the ban towards the acts of violence and porn, in the post it was possible to read an extension also to the topics with the topichomosexuality. THE'immense protest which has been unleashed on the Web has caused Weibo to back down in no time.

Weibo justifies it: it is the government that asks us

weibo censors gay content revoked

The post published by the official Weibo account on Friday also contained the motivations of the ban activity in progress. The justification of the social platform has pointed the finger at the Chinese government. According to what was declared, Weibo was required by the government to carry out a "cleaning" of the contents like the one started on Friday. In fact, it was necessary to stick to one Chinese law of 2017 which aims to increase the cybersecurity.

The message published today did not directly refer to a "afterthought", But practically of that it is. In fact, on the Weibo account we read:

Questa volta, la pulizia degli anime e dei giochi non avrà come obiettivo i contenuti gay. We will mainly focus on the materiale relativo alla pornografia, alla violenza ed agli atti truci. Grazie per i suggerimenti ed i vostri dibattiti.

Clearly, the social team realized they had generated a wave of controversy that has outraged all the people of the Web, regardless of sexual orientation. The hashtags #IAmGay e #ScumbagSinaHelloIAmGay they spread like wildfire on all platforms.

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However, the reaction of the Chinese Twitter has been anyway a surprise. It is not the first time that the government imposes in China veto the free manifestation of their sexual orientation. It is generally difficult for a private company to react by listening to users rather than government directives.

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