Meizu POP and HALO: here are the new Bluetooth headsets

Meizu Halo

The smartphone accessories market has been focusing on for some time earphones. Whether they are wired or wireless, in micro capsules or standard, poco it matters. Devices are no longer just for listening to music and answering the phone, they have to be smart and trend. Following this philosophy Meizu presented - together with the new ones Meizu 15 e Meizu 15 Plus - Halo e POP.

Meizu POP: small, light and totally wireless

meizu pop earphones

Meizu POP they are the first ones micro earphones presented by the Chinese company. Small, compact and light (5,8 grams per headset). Remember those Apple - who has literally launched the fashion of this type of accessories - only in color and in the refill package.

The company device is designed for daily activities, but also for the sports considering the perfect one adherence to the ear and resistance to sweat. The different grommets make it possible to best adhere to the various types of ears. The connection to the smartphone is via Bluetooth 4.2, while control is guaranteed by two touch buttons placed on the earphones. According to the touch and to pressure exercised, you can ask to Meizu POP to perform different actions: answer or reject a call, turn up or down the volume, pause playback of songs and call up the voice assistant.

The sound is guaranteed of excellent quality, despite the size of the earphones. Among other things, also the calls they enjoy ai stereo audio, a peculiarity not present on the totality of this type of accessories. Finally, each headset has an autonomy of 3 hours thanks to the battery from 85 mAh integrated. There recharge Meizu POP takes place by putting the earphones in theirs package, which contains one battery from 700 mAh and guarantees up to 4 refills. Moreover, to respect the absence of wires to the end, even the box is enabled to Wireless charging. However, there is no lack of it USB type-C standard, if necessary.

Meizu HALO: the Bluetooth headset with super bright wire

meizu HALO earphones

HALO too has a wireless operating standard based on connectivity Bluetooth 4.1. Unlike POPs here they are not totally without cables, but the earphones are connected to each other so you can rest your neck and more. The connection wire it is much longer than what is needed (a good 1.5 meters) for a specific reason: it lights up of different colors. The accessory was made using the US Corning Fibrance optical fiber and Osram LED lights. No detail has been left to chance.

It is a decidedly design accessory that can be used in different situations: while playing sports or to complete a decidedly aggressive look. The configuration of the LED light - which looks similar to that of a lightsaber - can be done directly from the smartphone, thanks to thededicated application.

The accommodation in the ears is in ear, but with a soft support that hooks the earphones to your ears to prevent it from falling. On the remote control Meizu HALO's are there three keys and a switch switching on and off the LED light. The buttons are used to pause or play tracks, answer or reject calls, pair the earphones to the smartphone.

The audio quality in call and listening to music is guaranteed by HD codec, designed just for Bluetooth devices, Qualcomm aptXTM. The energy autonomy is guaranteed by the battery from 360 mAh and offers 5 hours with active LED lights and 15 hours without. It will take an hour and a half to recharge Meizu HALO.

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