Launch of the public beta test of Flyme 7: here's how to participate

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The latest news about the new UI of Meizu dating some time ago. On that occasion we could give a brief look at what should be the main changes implemented with the Flyme 7. Unfortunately, there are still no confirmations on the release date, but it seems that the launch may be closer than it seems. In fact, China has just started the Flyme 7 Beta Program.

Flyme 7: here's how to participate in the public beta test | Only for Chinese firmware

flyme 7

The Asian producer has released a promotional teaser, which invites Chinese users to subscribe to the Flyme 7 Beta Program. At the moment therefore it is still a closed beta phase; despite this, if there are no major problems and if the feedbacks are positive, it seems likely that the release of the first open beta could take place relatively quickly. As already specified, no indications have been given regarding the official launch date; the beginning of the closed beta program is still a strong signal, which indicates that it should not take much to the first stable release.

To participate in the above program you will have to follow some steps (also summarized in the gallery above):

  • update the firmware to the latest version;
  • download and install the Flyme Community app;
  • go to the Flyme 7 registration page and click on the confirmation button;
  • the app will automatically detect the serial number and IMEI of the smartphone in use;
  • confirm by pressing on the Submit button.

Et voila! If you are chosen for the beta test you will receive a new update via OTA. Finally we remind you that to access the program you will need the device does not have active root permissions. Also we remind you once again that the guide is aimed exclusively at users who mount a firmware Chinese.

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