Huawei P20 Lite Review: a smartphone, many doubts

huawei p20 lite review

As a famous English playwright would say: notch or nothing notch, this is the problem. Maybe it was not really what afflicted Shakespeare, but it is certainly the most intense distress in the current mobile landscape. And this Huawei P20 Lite it is not exempt, indeed, given that in the mainstream market it is one of the first to offer it in the mid-range range. But overcome this aspect, what else has this smartphone to offer? Discover it in ours review.

Huawei P20 Lite Review


The packaging of Huawei P20 Lite is not surprising, with a standard equipment unfortunately without a protective cover.

  • Huawei P20 Lite;
  • EU charger from 9V 2A;
  • USB / USB Type-C cable;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • manuals.

Design and construction quality

If the 'aesthetics of P10 Lite presented itself as a classic mid-range product, the same can not be said for the Huawei P20 Lite. It is clear a certain run-up to the trend of the notch, without necessarily motivating it as done with iPhone X and his Face ID. And I also understand all those who reject this choice. But it is equally undeniable that the Glance is more than appreciable, however subjective. I do not mind at all, then, the horizontal arrangement of writings and logos on the back.

La glass shell It's a lot elegance as slippery. Fortunately, the back cover is sufficient oleophobic, but watch where you put it: a small inclination will suffice to see it slowly but inexorably slip away. The side frame should be made of metal, but the feel is more "plastic" to the touch. Perhaps there is a primer style finish? However the tactile sensation is sufficiently premium, considering the price range in question. The keys, on the other hand, are made of plastic.

huawei p20 lite review

Of all the various P Smart, Mate 10 Lite, Honor 7X and so on, the P20 Lite is the more compact. The dimensions of 148.6 x 71.2 x 7.4 mm and the weight of 145 g of they make it very portable, without sacrificing the diagonal of the display. A bonus not to be underestimated is the presence of the door USB Type-C and not the most anachronistic microUSB. This is also flanked by the mini-jack input. Present also the Notification LED, blue in color and a bit small to be easily identified.

The device is unlocked both by the sensor ID back, reactive, quite precise and with the usual ones comfortable gestures, but also from facial recognition. The latter does not have ad hoc hardware, therefore safety and reliability are not the priority. With little light it is not very fast, while in the dark it practically does not work. However, it is still useful to have if used in the right situation. Useful to choose if the lock screen is bypassed or not.

huawei p20 lite review


Given the presence of the notch, the panel used here has a ratio in 19:9. It can only please have more space available for the contents displayed. But at the same time you notice how this space is not used almost for nothing. They are then absent of the gestures to have a real mode full screen (however replaceable via third-party app). Furthermore, this being a display IPS, the black bar that camouflages the notch when displaying full-screen content from a non-beautiful visual effect.

huawei p20 lite review

Speaking of visual quality, the Huawei P20 Lite screen is a unit from 5.84 inches Full HD + (2280 x 1080 pixels) with a good density of PPI 432. The less convincing aspect is the brightness under tone, not penalizing but still perceptible, especially when put alongside other smartphones.

Good operation of the light sensor, as well as the touch screen. The chromatic range reproduced, on the other hand, is more than sufficient, however inclination a certain de-saturation is noted. Among the software settings we can act on white temperature, as well as activate the Reading mode and change text size and content.

huawei p20 lite review


The hardware sector is perhaps the least intriguing aspect, if one can say so. This is because the Kirin 659, already seen on board of various models. Made in 16 nm, integrates a CPU octa-core Cortex-A53 up to 2.36 GHz. And in fact there are no big surprises, with adequate performance. You will hardly see the terminal nailing, denoting a fair fluidity but without excelling.

Obviously the same applies to the graphical management, with the ARM GPU Mali-T830 MP2 to command the rudder. Even with titles like Asphalt 8 and similar you will not have big problems, as with more modest games in the performances. Good the quantity of memories, with 4 GB of RAM LPDDR3 e 64 GB XMMUMX eMMC internal storage, expandable through microSD sacrificing the dual SIM.


Even here nothing particularly new. The software is based on Android 8.0 Oreo with security patches updated in February 2018. The user experience is enriched by the EMUI 8.0, already widely analyzed in previous reviews. There are the Themes, the Battery and Security Phone Manager, Health for Fitness, the Game Suite to optimize the gaming experience, the Reading mode, the Twin App (valid for Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp) and more.

Photo / video quality

Also for Huawei P20 Lite obviously the argument is brought forward dual chamber, now omnipresent for any smartphone. Here we find a double sensor back from 16 + 2 mega-pixel, while on the front the sensor is single and is from 16 mega-pixels. The interface is the usual Huawei, including the various shooting modes, including Pro Photos (with shots in RAW), Pro video, AR lenses (stickers of various mold), Notturno, Light Painting, HDR and so on.

The quality of the shots during the day is quite satisfactory, provided you do not have big claims. In fact, to a critical eye, the "classic" limitations from the mid-range are evident, especially as regards the exposure. As soon as the light goes down you will notice the most obvious defect of this smartphone, or the stabilization absent: all this translates into more occasions in photo moves or micro-moves.

Good shots with the front, especially regarding the definition with good light. Although the sensor is single, it is possible to have one bokeh effect which, as for the Pixel, is not without artifacts.

Videos can only be recorded in Full HD a 30 fps. The clips captured can be good for social use but nothing more, especially given the aforementioned absence of stabilization.

Connectivity and audio quality

The Huawei P20 Lite offers support dual SIM LTE, provided you do not expand the memory via microSD. Reception has proven itself reliable but not at the top, especially in the most difficult areas. No problem, however, for the Wi-Fi Dual Band and satellite navigation, while with the Bluetooth 4.2 I found sporadic and brief signal losses with my wireless headphones.

Also present NFC e FM radio, as well as the mini-jack entry. Speaking of audio, the quality on call è pretty good, although the ear capsule has been restricted due to space constraints. The speaker lower mono is average, as well as listening in headphones.

huawei p20 lite review


We conclude with autonomy, provided by a battery from 3000 mAh. This, coupled with the Kirin 659, take us to the end of the day with approx 5 hours of display, compared to average use. Results in line with the other Huawei / Honor models with equivalent hardware. The charging, via the included charger, takes place in approx 1 45 hours and minutes.

huawei p20 lite battery

Huawei P20 Lite Review - Conclusions and price

At a price at the launch of 369 €, Huawei P20 Lite it's definitely not the most convenient smartphone. Not so much for its characteristics, absolutely not to be taken for a leg, as for the similarity in hardware with other models Huawei / Honor that cost even 100 euro less if not more.

A good share of users will probably be displaced, as they are used to a P Lite range whose pivotal target was the relationship quality / price. Report that now is no longer so inviting and that it will push a certain number of users to opt for the cheaper solutions already mentioned.

However, Huawei P20 Lite also represents that middle ground between the desire of one smartphone appealing aesthetically but with an eye to the wallet. A hybrid that perhaps dares a bit 'too much, but that probably will get good market results. Accomplice, of course, its extreme similarity with iPhone X.