Vivo APEX will be a reality: official confirmation and new details on the features


Al MWC 2018 of Barcelona he has left behind both us insiders that you users who followed everything from home. We are obviously talking about the Vivo APEX, perhaps the only smartphone that has managed to distinguish itself from the rest of the mass at the Catalan show. And if until now we thought it was only one concept phone, to deny this hypothesis we think the same Vivo.

Vivo APEX coming after mid-2018

vivo apex

It is from poco concluded the event of official presentation of the Vivo APEX in China. Being a purely Asian brand, what was shown in Barcelona was just a taste, of course. Indeed, during the launch held in Asia, they were unveiled new details, including some key elements of the technical and launch period of the phone.

Starting from the characteristics, it has been confirmed that to pilot everything there is Snapdragon 845 of Qualcomm. Some had speculated, but so far there had been no official confirmation. No information, however, regarding the memories adopted. The other important element is the display, which is a panel OLED da 5.99 inches of diagonal with one screen-to-body ratio of well the 98%. This is thanks to some frames to say the least poco reduced: precisely from 1.8 mm on the sides and above and from 4.8 mm on the lower frame. All in a glass body thickness of 7.8 mm.

This smartphone enjoys the technology COF (Chip-on-film), with the implementation of the ID sensor in the display. The biometric reader has been positioned in the center, offers a wider use area and it is even possible to activate the release with several fingers at the same time. Similar to the first We MIX, under the panel we also find the brightness and proximity sensors.

vivo apex

Vivo APEX: when will it arrive?

To crown the whole there is one retractable camera selfie da 8 mega-pixels, integrated into the upper frame and able to reveal itself in 0.8 seconds when you open the Camera app. Furthermore, the technology Screen SoundCasting it foresees that both the sound of the speaker and of the ear capsule propagate through vibration. This does not mean poor sound quality, since the Vivo APEX includes within it DAC3 amplifiers, in addition to the entrance mini-jack.

As for the rear camera (whose sensor is unknown), this supports the shots in Super HDR, with a dynamic range up to 14 EV. It should be a mode equivalent toHDR + introduced by Google Pixel. According to what was stated by Vivo, this feature is based on the composition of the image using multiple frames and ad hoc optimizations. All favored by the integration of advanced algorithms of artificial intelligence.

In short, the wait is a lot and is more than understandable. And finally we have a date ... more or less. Yes, because the company has announced that Vivo APEX will go under mass production starting from half of 2018. No sales date yet, but at least we know it will officially arrive. Even if we do not exclude that it may be a limited edition.

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