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Today ilGruppoTester has released his own Amazfit Bip WF Editor, a very versatile tool able to create and modify watchface for the economic Huami's smartwatch. There was a time not very far in which to install one Watchface su Amazfit Bip, it was necessary to modify and reinstall all the resources. Since then, fortunately, many things have changed, and the introduction of watchface into .bin format has given a new boost to the field of graphic modding for this device.

How to create watchface with Amazfit Bip WF Editor by the GroupTester | Guide

Amazfit Bip WF editor

Today the modders find in Amazfit Bip WF Editor by ilGruppoTester a new valid ally. The software is in fact equipped with a simple graphical interface and able to realize previews in real time of the watchface. Thanks to this tool even the less experienced will be able to get closer to the world of WF editing without running risks saving numerous useless flashes on your Amazfit Bip!

How to create watchface with Amazfit Bip WF Editor: the guide

IMPORTANT: The procedure described in this guide presents complex operations that, if performed incorrectly, could damage your device. We recommend the flash on the smartwatch only by users who have gained a good experience in modding. The staff of will not be held responsible for any damage to the device.

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You can find the complete guide on our forum (section Amazfit Bip). We also invite you to participate in the discussion and stay tuned for any updates on the procedure.

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