Review TicWatch S: time from a new perspective


The market of Android smartwatch it never managed to attract the general public, above all due to some hardware and software limitations of the devices presented today. The few really valid devices seen so far have usually been proposed on the market at a certain cost high for the average consumer's pockets. From this point of view TicWatch S proposes a change: let's find out how in ours review.

TicWatch S. Review


The Ticwatch S sales box is a very colorful square metal box that is really pleasing to the eye. Inside we find:

  • TicWatch S;
  • magnetic cable for charging.

Design and construction

"Less is more.": This must have been thought by TicWatch designers in the design of their products. In the case of TicWatch S we are faced with simple forms, not having the presumption to overturn the concept of a wristwatch. Careful choice also with regard to materials, with the use of metal for the central quadrant and of rubber for the strap.

Decision, however, not random, given the target audience for which it is addressed. Being designed for sportsmenIn fact, these materials can withstand the stress of water, dust and diving without showing wear after the first use.

ticwatch-s-1However, it is important to stress that the strap it was completely integrated into the body, thus not allowing the possibility to interchange it in the future. The holes for adjustment are not lacking and, detail not to be discounted, the clip for the closure is made of metal.

Despite all these notes of merit, however, it is necessary to make a small clarification. In fact, in the junctions between the strap and the main case, I found some signs of failure. This is a minimum gap that, probably, may be necessary to avoid breakage caused by excessive tension. We must also consider that with time the situation could get worse.


Il heart rate monitor find space in the back side, near the magnetic pins dedicated for charging the device. The appeal is not lacking even the only one function key which allows you to move faster within the software.

I found the choice of inserting the original more than original division of the seconds on the ring, trying to look even more like a traditional watch. The screen, moreover, is well protected by the outer crown and is certified by the company as scratchproof.

The device has obtained the IP67 certification. In addition to total protection against dust, the company guarantees the possibility of immersion up to 1.5 m for a maximum of 30 minutes. In fact, daily use did not give me any surprises: despite the use in the shower and the lack of attention to splashes and dives, TicWatch managed these situations without problems.


The on-board display of TicWatch S is a unit OLED da 1.44 inches from the resolution of 400 400 pixels x and a density of PPI 287. Fwe remained that we are analyzing a smartwatch, the quality è definitely good. The resolution is more than enough for the dimensions, making the pixel grid glimpse only from very close use.

La brightness è excellent in every situation, allowing the viewing of contents even in direct sunlight without problems. However, to the appeal missing the brightness sensor. This means, of course, that you will need to adjust it manually using the settings.


Linked to the display we find the functionality Ambient, now famous on all Android Wear smartwatches. Thanks to this feature we are given the opportunity to have one black and white display of the dial. This allows us to view the time and other information at a glance without having to wake up the display.



The hardware compartment of TicWatch S is entrusted to a processor MediaTek MT2601, an dual-core chipset from the maximum frequency of 1.12 GHz. The amount of RAM stops at 512 MB which, although they may seem few, are more than sufficient in everyday use. There internal memoryinstead, he arrives at 4 GB, allowing the installation of apps or new quadrants.
Il device It is firm to the version 4.1, but connectivity is not lacking 802.11 Wi-Fi b / g / n.


We find on board TicWatch S Android Wear 2.0, the latest available release of the green smartwatch robot. The artistic touch of the company is noted, linked to the addition of many proprietary quadrants. The twelve installed watchfaces, in fact, are really a pleasure for the eyes and, in addition, present many possibilities for personalization.


Do not miss the opportunity to download new ones from the Play Store, where the choice is very wide. Always staying at Google's home, a note of merit should be given to the quality and quantity of available apps, more than appreciable. Not to forget, then, access to the store directly from the watch.

Beyond that, the Chinese house has introduced some app dedicated to fitness. The most important is definitely Health, whose purpose is to make us reach the daily goals about the number of steps, running time and training. The graphics are based around three concentric rings, one for each aspect mentioned a short while ago. Despite the call to WATCH is clear, we must give credit to the company aboutinterfaceVery clear and intuitive.


In addition, a smartphone app is provided that allows you to go and save the recorded data from the smartwatch via Health. Equally useful the app Fitness which, as the name suggests, allows us to go and record all the training sessions performed during the day, from simple walking to running to cycling training. I did not find any problem with the reliability of the GPS, precise during fitness tracking.

Really interesting, then, the function of "Step Ranking"Which, trivially, draws a ranking of the most active users of the day. Finally we find theHeart Rate app, a useless duplicate with respect to Google Fit. The latter, in fact, already allows inside the measurement of heartbeat.

Il launcher Is that stock di A, with the ability to highlight the most used apps. No change even with regard to the management of notifications, remaining faithful to the original graphics and gestures.

Nothing to highlight even with regard to fluidity of the software, more than good during the daily use of the device, without lag or slowdowns. However, the lack of a digital crown as on other competing devices makes use more cumbersome in some situations. For example, to scroll the drawer of the ap, you end up covering the display, making it more difficult to view.

A note of merit goes to Google Assistant, the vocal assistant of the Californian home that it works perfectly. The recognition of words is really reliable, not even wrong in particularly noisy places and with other voices in the background. Although the TicWatch is equipped with an integrated speaker, however, the feedback returned is not vocal but only on display.


The presence of one is definitely interesting integrated speaker that allows you to go to make call directly from the smartwatch. The quality is more than discreet, with a relatively high and round volume. Even with a lot of background noise, in fact, you can clearly hear the voice of the interlocutor.


The integrated battery is a unit from 300 mAh and, as with all smartwatches, it is definitely one of the device's Achilles heels. With a normalized use, ie constant connection with the smartphone, reception of notifications with related answers by voice command, use of apps and fitness activities, it is difficult to get beyond the 23.00.

In general, you can face a full day, but you can not go further. However, it is important to highlight that i charging times they are decidedly contained, settling around the 50 minutes for a cycle from 0 to 100%.


Conclusions and price

To take this home TicWatch S are required 199 € from Official site. To this amount you must not really let it escape. The design, however particular it may be, turns out well done, modern and with very interesting lines. A praise also to the constructive quality, a reference to the other alternatives proposed in the same price range.
Android Wear 2 remains the biggest surprise: finally an OS for smartwatch worthy of being called that, removing many limitations and previous failings.

The only major limit remains the autonomy. But, in an absolute sense, it is a constant of every smartwatch on the market. We have to deal with the recharge of another device, this is true, but it is only a matter of habit. It's a small price to pay for a wrist modern and functional product, near but far from a simple hand movement. The analog will never die, and we would miss it. But, perhaps, in the 2018 it is appropriate to leave space to these new projects without starting a priori preventive. After all, it is good to remember that today's diversity and absurdity will become the normality of tomorrow.

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