Meizu mblu S6: patented side sensor ID


meizu mblu s6 meizu m6s

As we already have you anticipated earlierMeizu mblu S6 will be one smartphone breaking for the brand. This is due to several factors, first of all the form factor. The company has always offered smartphones with a front button, which integrates the much-loved function mBack. But this will not be the case for the new terminal, for which a patent has been filed relating to the side ID sensor.

Su Meizu mblu S6 will debut the side fingerprint reader

meizu mblu s6 patent

Indeed, due to the limited front space available, Meizu mblu S6 will integrate the fingerprint reader on the right side frame. This could be a plus point in terms of ergonomics, since this is a more favorable position for the release.

However, this will involve theassenza of the aforementioned functions linked to the key mBack. In its place, inside the Flyme OS a kind of will be implemented virtual mBack button. As shown in the leaked screeshots, you can choose between this or the classic software keys.

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With the first option we can go back with a click or press and hold to return to the Home. However, the lack of a physical key could result in an absence not from poco for many users, accustomed to Meizu gestures over the years.

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