Meizu mblu S6 with Cortex-A73 CPU and ... a new mBack button?

Meizu, Meizu mblu S6

meizu mblu s6 teaser

In a few hours the official presentation di Meizu mblu S6, previously known as Meizu M6SAnd after a first official teaserreleased via Weibo, Blue Charm shows us two new promotional images that reveal new details about the technical.

Meizu mblu S6 teasers reveal new details

meizu mblu s6 teaser

First of all, let's talk about the hardware sector of Meizu mblu S6. As previously leaked, the chipset on which the smartphone is based would be theExynos 7872. It is a solution for now unpublished and that, according to the teaser above, would integrate one CPU with architecture ARM Cortex-A73.

Of this Exynos 7872 we know that it will have a production process a 14 nm and that the processor should be a hexa-core. And the high-power cluster, the dual-core cluster, should enjoy the aforementioned architecture. You should not miss a Mali-G71 GPU. In short, there are several similarities withExynos 7885 launched with the new ones Samsung Galaxy A8.

Meizu mblu S6 will have a new mBack button

meizu mblu s6 teaser

But one of the most interesting details of Meizu mblu S6 will cover the mBack button. As we know, in fact, the terminal will not have a front button, given the limited space available. The previous teaser seemed to make mention of one ID sensor in the display, a technology perhaps too new to be able to debut already and more on a mid-range product.

Putting aside that this sensor will almost certainly be on the side, let's go back to mBack. Given the absence of the front button, Meizu would in a certain way run for cover by replacing it with a software key. We have already seen this in previous leaks and this new teaser confirms its existence. What will be its actual mechanism, however, we still do not know. That there are half of the gestures in aquascape iPhone X?

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