The best Chinese smartphones from 150 to 300 euros | January 2018

The best Chinese smartphone between the 150 and the 300 euro

Here we are at the second part of our selection of best chinese smartphone of January 2018! This time we will review the best terminals in the price range included between the 150 and the 300 euro. There will be news, reconfirmation or maybe some juicy new entry who suffered a considerable price cut? Let's find out together!

PS: Prices and coupons in the article were checked at the time of writing. If any coupon expires please do not hesitate to visit our channel of offers GizDeals and our support group GizDeals Group to stay up to date on the best discounts on the various hi-tech e-stores.

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What are the best Chinese smartphones from 150 to 300 euros?

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

Many have a bit 'wrong nose reading the technical specifications of this smartphone and, in fact, it is mostly a Redmi Notes 4 with a more modern "dress". It is also undeniable, however, that the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus is a terminal with a current design and performance that goes well beyond its current price, that's why we could not not include it among the best Chinese smartphone of January 2018.

Currently on some stores the new version with support for the 20 Band. We could thus witness the birth of the new best-buy of the mid-range as it was for its predecessor? We just have to wait a few months to find out. In the meantime, here are the best offers currently on the market:

LightInTheBox (20 band)
➡️ 3 / 32 GB
132.6 €

3 / 32 GB
Coupon: 5plusgb
133 €
▶ Black  
▶ Blue  
▶ Golden  

➡️ 4/64 GB
? Coupon:
154 €

Xiaomi Mi A1

No substantial price drop for the Xiaomi Mi A1, but a stabilization on about 175 € for some colors. Who knows that the Chinese New Year does not give us some substantial price cuts! In the meantime, here are the best offers:

? Coupon
: hjtya1
175 €
▶ Black  
▶ Golden  

? GearBest
? Coupon
: hsa1gb
178 €
▶ Red Level

?? Shipping from Italy 
and delivery in Orders shipped to Europe working
? Coupon: NABFBTVD
185 €

Xiaomi Mi Note 3

Become part of this part of our guide also Xiaomi Mi Note 3. In the last month he saw several little ones price cuts and it has steadily come down below the euro 300. For those wishing to buy the older brother of the Mi 6 could be the right time. Eye to the 20 band, if necessary, since it is absent.

▶️ 6/128 GB
? Coupon
: note3gp
291 euros 

▶️ 6/64 GB
249 euros 

Xiaomi Mi 6

Another smartphone that in the last month is stabilizing below the euro 300 is the Xiaomi Mi 6, both from 4 / 64 GB and 6 / 64 GB. Together with the Honor 9 it is the only one top of the range below this figure.

▶️ 4/64 GB - Blue
? Up to ~ 250 euros with points!
291 €

Honor 7X

Altra new entry is l 'Honor 7X, mid-range smartphone that confirms the excellent work done by the company in the last year, uniting design and performance to a low price. The offers were not so many, but the few that we saw made us understand that soon we will see some good! Here are the best at the moment:

▶️ 4/64 GB

216 € 

▶️ 4/64 GB
? Coupon
: 1BGH7X64
200 € 

Honor 9

The jewel of Honor has been permanently a a month since 249 € with a fabulous coupon that, although it may not last much longer, has made the joy of many of you! Other top of the range, Other medium-range price: perfect!

▶️ 4/64 GB
? Coupon
: dphonr9gb
249 € 
? Or lower the price down to ~ 220 euros with points!

Huawei Mate 10 Lite / P10 Lite / P Smart

We conclude our guide on the best Chinese smartphones between 150 and 300 euro with 3 terminals that are yes of Chinese origin but that are normally sold in Italy. We are talking about Huawei Mate 10 Lite, Huawei P10 Lite e Huawei P Smart. Now in the Beautiful country Huawei has become a leader in the mid-range market and these 3 models do not disprove it. Construction quality, design, performance and a good multimedia sector.

Mate 10 lite
279 €

P10 Lite
? 199 €

P Smart
? 224 €