The best Chinese smartphone and not from the euro 300 up January 2018

The best smartphones from 300 euros up

Here we are at the last part of our guide to best chinese smartphone (and not) of January 2018, on "high-end" smartphones from the euro 300 up! To avoid inserting each top of the existing range we have considered those with the best quality / price ratio, remaining however below the Euro 650.

PS: Prices and coupons in the article were checked at the time of writing. If any coupon expires please do not hesitate to visit our channel of offers GizDeals and our support group GizDeals Group to stay up to date on the best discounts on the various hi-tech e-stores.

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What are the best smartphones from 300 euro up?

The best smartphones from 300 euros up

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

The king of the bezeless finally drops below the threshold of the euro 400 (to be exact 358 / 374 euro) making it more accessible: is it time to give in to temptation and buy it or wait a little more?

6 / 64 GB a 374 € with the coupon ITcapodanno80
6 / 64 GB a 358 € with the coupon VHBHDAFZ

OnePlus 5T

Il Flagship Killer received several very advantageous offers during January, settling in the last days between 384 / 458 euro. The two new colors are also on offer Sandstone White e Lava Red, confirming a period of promotions destined to culminate with the Chinese New Year!

6 / 64 GB a 384 € with the Coupon ENWUBEYJ
8 / 128 GB Lava Red a 466 € with the Coupon tbhs5t
8 / 128 GB Black a 458 € with the Coupon t5plushk

Honor View 10

The new top of the range of Honor has already been "victim" of a substantial price drop on GearBest which will allow it to be coupon which causes the price to fall a 383 euro for the 6 / 64 version. For those interested in the version from 128 GB storage, however, can buy it from Amazon at just under its introductory price.

6 / 64 GB a 383 € with the Coupon HonV10
6 / 128 GB
a 483 €

Samsung Galaxy S8 / A8 / 8 Notes

Among the various top of the range the most "devalued" (to the delight of many) are the gems of Samsung. The Galaxy S8 this month even fell to 460 € thanks to a store offer Monclick on eBay. The most recent Samsung Galaxy A8, launched at 529 euro, in a few weeks has already suffered a decline of over 100 euros su Amazon, already reaching "quota" 399 €. And the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? You can find it at about eBay on eBay 650 €!

S8 a 528 € su Amazon
A8 a 399 € su Amazon
Notes 8 a 649 € su eBay

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Also the top of the range Huawei it has significantly decreased in price, coming down under the barrier of the 600 euro! It will, in fact, be purchased a about 590 euros on eBay!

6 / 128 GB at 590 euro on eBay

Apple iPhone 8

Already after a few weeks from the release it was immediately understood that iPhone 8 it would be the first smartphone of Apple to undergo one devaluation faster compared to other models and, in fact, with a price that is around around the euro 650 (and therefore about 200 euro less compared to the launch price) has fully deserved this medal!

64 GB at 650 euro on eBay

LG G6 / V30

We conclude our guide on best Chinese and non-January 2018 smartphones with the Korean LG. LG G6 it is now firmly established below the 400 euro (390 at this time) ed LG V30 it is always stably sold on 640 € (on Amazon) and could continue to fall in the coming weeks. For the lovers of multimedia they are choices to be taken into consideration!

LG G6 at 390 euro on Amazon
LG V30 at 440 euro on Amazon