How to buy on BangGood: warranty, shipping and assistance

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After dealing with the topic GearBest e GeekBuying, you asked us a lot of information about Banggood, store that in recent months is collecting the spiritual heritage of GearBest which, as we know, is experiencing a troubled period due to some issues related to the famous Italy Express.

We are talking about one of the main Chinese e-commerce in the tech field (but not only). In this guide we will explain how to buy on BangGood, how his works warranty, which shipment choose when buying and how avoid the customs.

BangGood: purchase guide, shipping and warranty

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As always it will be necessary register on the site. It will be after you have logged in, in fact, that you can use i that you can find on the appropriate Telegram channel di BangGood Italy. In this channel, managed by the staff of GizChina in collaboration with BangGood, you will find all offers updated in real time with discount codes and flash promotion.

Of course we also invite you to subscribe to GizDeals Group, our group Telegram where to give you assistance on what to buy and how to do it. You can also request coupons, benefit from exclusive offers and in preview, in addition to interacting with us for any advice.

BangGood: which shipping to choose

Warehouse China or Hong Kong

In case you make a purchase on BangGood you need to know that they are available mainly 5 shipping types. These vary depending on the type of product, availability and the warehouses of origin may be Hong Kong or China. If present, we recommend Priority Direct European, as it is free of customs and faster.

  • AirParcel Register:
    • no duties if you purchase customs warehouse CN or HK
    • free from stock HK / 2-3 euro from CN warehouse
    • 7-35 working days via Poste Italiane
    • recommended for small and / or small objects poco value
  • Priority Direct Mail:
    • free of customs duties
    • about 2 / 5 euro
    • 10-15 working days via Poste Italiane
  • European Direct Mail:
    • free of customs duties
    • about 2 / 3 euro
    • 7-15 working days via GLS
    • available for heavy objects (robots, notebooks, etc.)
  • EMS Express Mail Service:
    • subject to customs
    • variable cost (around or above the 10 euro)
    • 7-15 working days via Poste Italiane
  • Expedited Shipping Service:
    • subject to customs
    • variable cost (around or above the 10 euro)
    • 5-8 working days via DHL
    • recommended if you want faster shipping

Europe warehouse

Alternatively, you can also make purchases through the European warehouses through Official site. For the moment there are no smartphones, so you can buy accessories, tools, smartwatches and so on. By purchasing from here the shipping options are different and with variable prices depending on the product, but above all they are all without customs.

BangGood: how to track

Once you have purchased the chosen product, you can follow the browser tracking on a PC using the always convenient 17track. Alternatively, from mobile with Android we can use Deliveries Package Tracker, app available for free on Google Play Store. If instead you have a device based on iOS abbiamo Parcel, app available for free onApp Store.

In case the chosen shipment is entrusted to Poste Italiane, once the package has arrived in Italy we will be able to verify its tracking also from Official site. In the case of Expedited, however, we can also rely on the DHL website.

BangGood: how do they work and guarantee?

Whether you buy from China, Hong Kong or Europe, the warranty period is 12 months and is managed on Chinese territory. Shipping costs are split between the seller and the buyer e to this page you can find all the details about it. In the case of resoinstead, we talk about the timing of 3 days after delivery or 30 days after shipping if the delivery date is not traceable. Here you find it all the details about it.

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