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xiaomi review redmi 5 plus

The 2017 was the year of top of the range with display 18:9. Over the next few months, smartphones with this form factor will be getting more and more on the medium / low market: among these it definitely stands out Xiaomi Refotocmadmi 5 Plus. Let's find out how it behaves in ours review.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus review


The smartphone sales package comes in a red and white hardcover. Inside the sales box we find:

  • Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus;
  • USB / microUSB cable;
  • wall charger 5V 2A;
  • pin for removing the SIM slot;
  • silicone cover;
  • quick manuals.

Design and construction

What immediately amazes the first impact is the constructive quality of the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, definitely well done and without anything to envy to other devices. Xiaomi knows how to "play" with thealuminum and brings it even in its middle / low range without creating sacrifices.

The dimensions are very generous: let's talk about 158.5 x 75.45 x 8.05 m for a total weight of 180 g. Despite these data, we have one good ergonomics. The 18: 9 display ensures that the smartphone is held firmly even with just one hand, without creating problems in everyday use.

xiaomi review redmi 5 plus

On the right side we find the Power button and the volume rocker, in the same color as the smartphone (in this case Black). On the left side, however, there is the hybrid slot dual Nano SIM / microSD. The door is positioned at the bottom microUSB in the middle, while on the sides we find the microphone and the system speaker. Superiorly there is the mini-jack input from 3.5 mm, the second microphone and a convenient one infrared port to control TV, top-box set and other devices.

The back is made entirely of aluminum except for the polycarbonate bands to facilitate communication of the antennas. Here we find the main camera, accompanied by a Dual Tone LED flash, the fingerprint sensor and the manufacturer's logo. Present the Notification LED.


The display of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus it is a unit IPS da 5.99 inches with resolution Full HD + 2.160 x 1.080 pixels e PPI 403 of density. There color reproduction è definitely good and you can grasp and appreciate the various nuances, which only veer with critical angles. This criticality is noted above all with the reproduction of blacks that start to tend to gray, but considering the price range is a flaw that can be granted.

From a more merely aesthetic point of view, it is worthy of note curvature adopted at the corners of the panel. Furthermore it is very well realized lamination of the same, with a minimum distance between the LCD and the protective glass: the result is that the images seem "printed" on the glass. Enjoying a relationship in 18:9, we have one wider surface for on-screen content. However, we would have liked the possibility of going to hide the navigation bar, in order to make the most of everything, especially during the split-screen.

Inside the dedicated menu there is the option to go to regular il contrast and chromatic range. In addition there is also the Reading Mode to go not to strain the eyes once activated. There brightness è good and the dedicated sensor works well and proves to be reactive. Also appreciableoleofobicità of the display that, although it is not a record, is not negligible. The glass has a pleasant curvature 2.5D at the edges.

Hardware and Performance

Do not expect any particular surprises, as the manufacturer has decided to use Qualcomm's evergreen Snapdragon 625 on the smartphone. By now we know that this is a solution octa-core da 2 GHz of maximum frequency and with a production process a 14 nm. The video sector is entrusted to the GPU Adreno 506 at 650 MHz. We also find 3 GB of RAM-LPDDR3-933 single channel e 32 GB internal storage (the variant also exists 4 / 64 GB). We can go to expand the internal memory up to additional 128 GB via microSD.

Le performance are satisfactory and on average of smartphones with this hardware. More than a year after its presentation, this chipset represents the best compromise between power and autonomy, making Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus very attractive. The smartphone never shows its side, being prepared for every need, ready and quick. We have no problems with multitasking or managing heavier applications together. Even with games it behaves well and there are no lag or bugs to report.

Le operating temperatures are buone and we've never noticed heating up the back of Redmi 5 Plus sensor ID è noteworthy, with excellent release times and reliability in recognizing the imprint registered at the top.


MIUI is always MIUI. Either one loves it or hates it, but its maturity is undeniable. There MIUI 9.2 China Stable here it is based on Android 7.1.2 Nougat and we have the security patches updated in December 2017. Unfortunately the last distribution of the green robot is missing but it was difficult to expect otherwise. As we know, Chinese manufacturers tend to update their software customization much more often than the Android base.

There is no drawer and everything will have to be managed through the various pages of the Home. There are no particular news to report. We got to know the potential of this UI over the months. In the margin we tell you that there is the usual bloatware of MIUI, easily uninstallable like any other application.

Photographic quality

As we know, the multimedia sector is certainly not the strong point of the Redmi series. And with the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus we do not see any news about it, both positively and negatively. The main sensor is from 12 mega-pixels with opening ffinal match., pixel from 1.25 μm with autofocus PDAF and dual LED dual tone flash.

xiaomi review redmi 5 plus

This results in a more than sufficient quality of shots with good light but not with the sun going down. As long as we immortalise our subjects in the middle of the day, we will not have big problems, both as regards the definition that the color capture. An overexposure in some circumstances is noted, however it can be embanked via HDR. What most annoyed me, however, are the phenomena of lens flare, both by day and by night. As soon as we meet again with little or no light we will not be able not to notice an excessive one photographic noise, given the lack of invasive software.

The selfie camera is equipped with a sensor 5 mega-pixels which proves sufficient in daytime and almost inadequate at night, albeit flanked by a LED flash. In addition to a thin definition, it will be easy to get blurred images in low light.

1 Update April: we have carried out a trial putting to match app Camera stock with the Google Camera. We warmly invite you to see the results in this article.

Connectivity and audio

The very expensive 20 band è absent su Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus and this could make many users turn up their noses. In daily use it is a lack that is only noticed during sudden changes in the cell or in areas outside the large population centers. The signal strength is good and the bunker / office test is exceeded very well, with a modem LTE Cat.7.

The audio quality in the capsule is good and even the various interlocutors have reported not to notice problems of any kind. Complete connectivity with Wi-Fi Dual Band, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS / A-GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou, IR sensor e FM radio. Instead theNFC.

The speaker is positioned at the bottom of the device and the sound quality è more than good. There are no particular equalizations but you can select the type of brand headphones to use to get the best listening experience.


I 4.000 mAh of battery and lo Snapdragon 625 I'm a'winning combination. With a more than intense use you can easily complete it 2 days of use with more than 7 hours of active screen. Of course we have not spared with the use of data connection, GPS with Maps and Pokémon GO, some wearable connected in Bluetooth and a little 'healthy gaming. All without reporting no problem of battery drain excessive, although the ROM is not that global and therefore not optimized for Google services.

Although a 5V 2A battery charger is included in the package, the technology is present Quick Charge and for the complete charging of the smartphone it will be necessary poco more than 90 minutes.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Review - Conclusions and price

The vision in 18: 9 of Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus convinces. Although the test version was not the "top of the range", the smartphone has always behaved well. The photographic sector is not unforgettable but adequate for the price range. The rest of the specifications is certainly from the upper price range: really very difficult to ask for better. With Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus the Chinese brand has undoubtedly passed. The hope is to receive early Android 8.0 Oreo and future updates of MIUI9. Ad maiora semper!

Lo Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus it can be found on GeekMall, whom we thank for sending the sample, at a price of 169 €. Recall that through this store you can enjoy support and 24 months warranty in Italy, shipping in 2-4 days and payment also via Paypal.

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