Amazfit Stratos Review (2 Sports Watch): is it worth upgrading?

Amazfit Stratos
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In the last year Amazfit, with his Amazfit Pace, has been a great success among all sports and wearable lovers, as we speak of one SmartWatch very complete and from price definitely endearing. For this reason, the company immediately started to work to raise even more the user experience and bring a renewed model to the public design and with better technical specifications. We are obviously talking about the brand new Amazfit Stratos, of which we have brought ours unboxing and preview just last week.

Will the Chinese brand succeed in replicating the excellent work done with the first model? Let's find out together in our full review.

Amazfit Stratos Review (Sports Watch 2)


The smartwatch is sold in a very minimal package made of white hardback and there is the following equipment inside:

  • Amazfit Stratos;
  • base for recharging receptacle with 4 magnetic pins;
  • instruction manual in Chinese.

Construction and design

Il design of the new Amazfit Stratos is similar to that of the previous model but, unlike the Peace, we find three side physical keys that give the product the appearance of a real watch. Furthermore, the other small detail that should not be underestimated is the ferrule with the seconds scale which gives greater elegance.

Amazfit Stratos

La construction is very solid e resistant to shocks (not much to scratch) even if the dimensions are not so small. Despite this, the device turns out to be rather light e comodo. Obviously, we also find a certification of water resistance to 50 meters of depth e 5 atmospheres (GB / T 30.106-2013 / ISO 22810: 2010).

Thanks to the box in 3D carbon fiber, reinforced polycarbonate e ceramic, the weight is alone 60 grams (about). For the rest we have a glass with curvature 2.5D, a strap in rubber da 22 mm (replaceable) and buttons in 316L marine steel.

NB: Please note that a (more expensive) version is also available with the sapphire leather and glass strap.

Il circular display It is protected by a glass that is quite resistant to scratches and is interrupted at the bottom by a small section where the brightness sensor.

Amazfit Stratos


Laterally we find three physical buttons that will allow us to move inside the interface without touching the display. These are very useful for controlling the smartwatch when you are in the water, as the touchscreen appears to be poco reactive. Finally, on the bottom there are the pins for charging, the heart rate monitor and the microphone.

Overall I was very satisfied with the design and materials of this smartwatch, which is great for more intense sports sessions, but also in more elegant settings thanks to its refined look.


As for theAmazfit Pace, also in this case we find a display Transflective Always-on LCD da 1.34 inches with resolution 320 300 pixels x. It will certainly not be a display like that of the Ticwatch or conventional smartwatches, but it will certainly allow us to get agreater autonomy.

Thanks to technology transflective, visibility under direct sunlight is perfect, as it is very good even in low light conditions.

Amazfit Stratos

The minimum and maximum brightness is good, but the automatic sensor He did not convince me very much, as a swing. Often in absolute darkness, the sensor could not give me enough light.

Il touch screen è reactive and you can activate the double tap to wake to awaken the smartwatch display.

Hardware and connectivity

To move theAmazfit Stratos is a processor with a maximum clock frequency of 1.2 GHz, 512 MB di RAM e 4 GB di internal memory. However, the producer makes it known that the really usable ones are only 2 GB.

With this configuration, the smartwatch performs all daily operations without major problems. Let's say that the reactivity it is the same as the Peace. However, let us mention that we have received a updating that has improved performance of wearable. Moreover, thanks to the 4 GB di storage you can save songs and listen to them with songs bluetooth headphones, or upload watchfaces ed apk third-party.

With regard to the connectivity, on board we find the Bluetooth 4.0 Low-energy, Wi-Fi b / g / n and the GPS / Glonass with chips Sony a 28 nm low consumption, as well as a wide range of sensors such as the heart rate monitor, triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope, compassWithbrightness ensemble e barometer.

During the trial week I almost never had problems with connectivity, if not on a couple of occasions when I could not receive notifications. This made me a little turn up my nose, but the problem was solved restarting be it smartphone that it SmartWatch.


Currently theAmazfit Stratos it is only available in Chinese, but we will soon develop the GizROM which will bring the interface in Italian language.

However, the firmware it does not differ much from the one already seen on the Peace. As for the basic functions, it is possible to scroll through the different menus with side swipes, upwards and downwards. The main pages are as follows:

  • Pedometer;
  • Activity summary;
  • Activities;
  • Home;
  • Weather;
  • Heart rate;
  • Music player;
  • Alipay;
  • Wake Up;
  • Compass;
  • Stopwatch;
  • Sleep monitoring;
  • Training center / Circuits;
  • Ximalaya FM;
  • Mi Home;
  • Timer.

As you may have noticed, there are some voices totally present unusable in Italy / Europe, Such as Alipay e Ximalaya FM. However, you can delete them from the interface through the application on the phone. Furthermore, every main menu has a submenu where we will find more settings.

As regards the sporty side you can select up to 10 different sports and monitor the activity in progress. In that case the will be activated GPS to calculate the distance traveled and the heart rate monitor to keep under control the heartbeat.

Having tested simultaneously Stratos and Mi Band 2 I noticed that, on the front of the passivated, the results are discordant. What the smartband of Xiaomi tent a overestimation the steps are now well known, but the difference between the two is about 1000 steps (Amazfit: 5512, Xiaomi: 6267). However the SmartWatch should have one more accurate precision given the presence of the Integrated GPS.

Il heartbeat sensor developed in collaboration with Firstbeat (company that develops cardiac analysis software in collaboration with Premier League and NBA clubs) has returned fluctuating results, but above sufficiency. In fact, sometimes it seemed extremely accurate, while at others it has returned some results How High. Despite this, we always point out that we are not talking about a device for medical use, so its accuracy will never be absolute. In addition, it will also be possible to monitor the Vo2Max.

As usual by the products of the Chinese company, the sleep monitoring is always precise.

Finally, there is also a voice that should be called "Training Center", which establishes a training to support according to their abilities.

Speaking instead of other functions, lowering the curtain from above we will find gods quick toggle including settings, which include various menus such as connectivity, general settings (including airplane mode, do not disturb mode, vibration, brightness, watchfaces etc.), data synchronization, updates, shut down and restart, find my smartphone, notice of sedentariness and daily goals, info on the device, Huami laboratory and finally, reports bugs.

Amazfit Stratos

In terms of notifications, you can choose through the application which notifications receive. As I said before, I have not encountered any problems with receiving the latter if not on a couple of occasions when I had to restart the smartwatch and smartphone to get everything back to normal.

La notification curtain it will open from Home by swiping from bottom to top and you will be able to view in full only thelast message received. Obviously, you can not reply to messages.

We conclude the aspect of the software with the watchfaces, because it will be possible to change them through the settings, or from the smartphone app, or directly from the Home, Thanks to a prolonged pressure. The basic available ones are one ten, but you can also change the stock backgrounds with our images.


Under the shell we find a battery from 290 mAh, which, according to the company, should guarantee up to 5 days of autonomy. Actually I managed to get to a maximum of 3 days and a half which, despite everything, is a good result.

In fact, I almost always held the brightness at most, constant notifications, 1 now 15 minutes (approximately) of activity per day (therefore GPS and active heart rate monitor) e activation of the display with rotation of the wrist (therefore involuntary activations must also be calculated).

for full rechargeinstead, it takes about 2 hours and 5 / 10 minutes. All in all I can be satisfied with the performance of this smartwatch from this point of view.


L'Amazfit Stratos does not differ much fromAmazfit Pace, if not for the design / construction, L 'impermeability up to 50 meters and some other minor improvements made on a general level.

Indeed, the new one entered the house Amazfit performs all the tasks that already the Peace he was able to do. This is not why we are facing an unsuccessful model, but it is worth spending about doppio for the slight changes? Personally I find that the aesthetic factor affects a lot on a product, then very likely I would upgrade without problems.

However, if you prefer the performance side to the aesthetics side, then you can easily buy theAmazfit Pace (currently available at the price of 74.99 €) and save a little something. On the other hand, if you are a swimmer or want a smartwatch that is perfect both in elegant and sporty settings, then you have found the right device for you.

L'Amazfit Stratos is available on GearBest about 157 € thanks to our exclusive coupon "GizMiwatch2" that we have published in our Telegram channel di GizDeals.