OnePlus removes credit card payment from the store

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oneplus credit card fraud

These days, various users who have made purchases from the official store of OnePlus they have found some alleged fraudulent transactions on the credit cards used. The reports on the issue would be over 60 and, today, the producer has moved to give an answer. Unfortunately, however, the aforementioned answer is not exactly what users were waiting for.

OnePlus: removed the payment by credit card from the official store

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Through an official statement, OnePlus has announced that it has disabled the payment by credit card from its store. At the moment, the company would be working to determine the exact nature of the incident.

For those wishing to make purchases in the store, the use of PayPal as a payment method. Most likely, users who were victims of this alleged fraud would have preferred to receive more information about it. The OnePlus online store would seem to have been the victim of a hacker attack, with an already known method e reported by FidusInfoSec. Despite this, in a previous statement, OnePlus has stated that its site is encrypted by HTTPS and therefore difficult to hack.

For now, the company has not added any new details and, therefore, there is nothing left to do but wait for the final reply. In the meantime, if you have had problems, as some users have testified on our Facebook group, we invite you to contact your bank and, if necessary, write to:

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