Xiaomi Mobile Power 2 arrives, the new power bank from 10.000 mAh

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xiaomi mobile power 2 power bank banner

The Chinese manufacturer today launched a new version of its already tested Xiaomi Mobile Power 2. The power bank shows a substantially identical design but introduces some new features regarding the USB ports equipped.

Xiaomi Mobile Power 2 is the new power bank

xiaomi mobile power 2 power bank

The new version of the power bank Xiaomi Mobile Power 2 arrives with the usual essential and elegant design. Like the previous model, this is made of aluminum anodized, in order to guarantee maximum resistance.

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Are present 4 LED which show the level of charge residual and a power button; as for the USB ports, we find the classic entrance micro-USB to recharge the power bank (also in this case the Type-C has not been introduced) and two other USB ports with fast charging technology 5V / 2.4A. Obviously, Xiaomi Mobile Power 2 can also charge two devices at the same time, an extremely welcome feature.

Xiaomi Mobile Power 2: price and availability

As for the price, the new one Xiaomi Mobile Power 2 is sold to 79 yuan, about 10 euro at the current exchange rate. This is an extremely "affordable" solution, with a very convincing quality / price ratio. For now, the power bank is available for the Asian market, through the manufacturer's online sales channels.

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