Xiaomi A & D e-Cigarette: the electronic cigarette is also coming!

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Through its usual crowdfunding platform, the Chinese giant has launched its 140 ° product and in this case has left us stunned. Between sofas e Pans, now we should be used to expect everything, yet the brand is still able to amaze. It arrives, in fact, Xiaomi A&D e-Cigarette, the company's first electronic cigarette!

Xiaomi A&D e-Cigarette: the brand gives itself to smoking

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For the less informed - even if it is now almost impossible not to know what it is - the electronic cigarette is a particular device that allows smoking without consuming tobacco. The liquid contained inside can either present nicotine or be completely free of it. Apparently also the Chinese manufacturer has decided to tell her about it and launched it on its crowdfunding platform Xiaomi A&D e-Cigarette, his first electronic cigarette!

The device has a compact shape, with 1 cm in diameter and 12 cm in length, and has a body made of steel stainless. The only thing that perhaps could not please everyone is that it is a single-use product, usable up to 500 times.

Xiaomi A&D e-Cigarette is already available at home

The first electronic cigarette of the brand is already available for the Chinese market, at the price of 199 yuan, about 25 €. Furthermore, it will be possible to choose between 4 different flavors (each characterized by its own color): green apple, mint, grapefruit and vanilla.

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