Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Review: Best buy, but with a defect

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

The robots are already several years ago, but in the last period we have witnessed an exponential growth of the vacuum cleaner smart within this ever-expanding market. Thanks to this rapid development, it is now possible to find devices for all pockets, which obviously differ among themselves by number of functions and general goodness.

In today's review we will analyze it Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum, which is a bit of an exception in its category, as it integrates many functions smart and guarantees excellent performance to a price definitely competitive. Obviously it is not the perfect robot, in fact it has a defect not to underestimate. Which? Let's find out together in our full review.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Review


The sales package is made of hardcover with a very simple design and inside it we find the following equipment:

  • Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum;
  • charging base;
  • comb for cleaning the robot.

Design and construction quality

On the front of the construction nothing to say, the robot is built in a manner exemplary, in fact, turns out to be very solid, well assembled and resistant to any type of impact during the cleaning phase. The device is made of plastic di excellent workmanship and does not seem to be badly damaged over time as a result of its constant use.

Il design always follow the lines minimal ed stylish that characterize all the products of the ecosystem Mija designed for the home. In fact, as usual, we are faced with a white device with gray details and finishes. However, due to the very clear coloring it is easy to notice the dust that remains attached to it.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Lo Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum it has a shape circular allowing you to reach all sides of the house without any problem. The dimensions are approximately 35 cm di diameter e 8 cm di thickness for a total weight of 3.8 kilograms.

The turret that integrates the inside is superior laser distance sensor (LDS) and the Power / Start and Home keys. By lifting the lid we find the dirt container and you can see the LED for Wi-Fi that will notify us of the connection status of the device.

On the front we have an ultrasonic radar and the proximity sensors protected by a cushioned band that allows to mitigate all those shocks that can damage both the furniture and the robot.

On the back there are the contacts for the recharging and the ventilation grille, while on the bottom there are two wheels that will allow the robot to move easily throughout the house and to step over small obstacles thanks to the spring-loaded feet. There are also the sensors of difference in height that will allow the vacuum to not fall down the stairs and to recognize the steps. Finally, we have a side brush useful to clean the most remote corners and a large central brush.


As already said at the beginning, we talk about a product smart which can be controlled and programmed through the app "Mi Home".

NB: we have used the Mi Home app translated into Italian (some parts are in English) from the MIUI.it community.

First it will be necessary register and then carry out the pairing between the robot and the smartphone. Obviously, to do this you will need a connection Wi-Fi. Otherwise you can still start the robot, but without being able to exploit all its potential smart.

From the first screen you can select the 3 most important functions:

  • Dock: the robot will return to the charging base;
  • Pause / Start: to start or to pause the vacuum;
  • mode: you can choose different types of cleaning including Light, Balanced, Turbo, Maximum speed.

In addition, you can view the mapping of the house, the route taken in the current cleaning session, the area already covered, the percentage of remaining battery and the cleaning time from the start.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Il robot in this case it will be indicated with a yellow ball and we will be able to monitor his movements live, while the green ball indicates the position of the charging base.

Within the settings menu we find many more or less useful functions:

  • Timer: we can program the vacuum activity, or decide when to start it, for how long and in what modality. For example, if you go to work in the morning you can set up the activity for a couple of hours during all the working days in balanced mode. Obviously there is the possibility of setting precise days;
  • DND mode: that is, the non-disturbing mode in which we can specify the hours when the vacuum must neither clean nor emit sounds;
  • Notifications: if we want to receive notifications about the status of the robot;
  • Cleaning history: shows us the history of the cleaning sessions, the number of ignitions, the total area covered and the total number of minutes of use from the first installation. This option is really very complete and very useful;
  • Care: here it is possible to monitor the integrity status of the internal components, when to replace the brushes or to clean the filters and the sensors (if necessary we can buy the spare parts directly through the app);
  • Remote controls: allows us to control the device at will by using a joystick or via directional buttons;
  • Voice pack: you will be able to choose different items for your robot. Unfortunately, the one in English is only one, while in Chinese the choice is wider;
  • User manual: here we find the user manual and instructions for use;
  • General settings: there are the basic robot settings including: rename, share device, check for updates, decouple and so on;
  • Find my robot vacuum: through this function the robot will start to speak to allow us to find it easily.


Before starting to talk to you about its operation and the tests we have carried out, I want to bring you the list of the technical specifications:

  • Collector capacity: 0.42 L;
  • Aspiration: 1800 pa;
  • Power: 55 W;
  • Battery: 5200 mAh;
  • Noise: 70 dB approx.


After this roundup of information on the software and on technical, let's get to the point: how does it work? Does it clean well? Yes, it is Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum è un prodotto very valid and better than some of its competitors with the highest price. In fact, the thing that differentiates it from other robots of the same price range is the binomial betweenLDS and the algorithm SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), which allows the robot to make one extremely intelligent cleaning.

In fact, the vacuum will clean the first perimeter of the room and then move to one sectoral cleaning through movements a zig zag (for this explanation I recommend you see the video review that certainly makes the idea more). In this way no point is left out, unlike all those robots that do not rely on this algorithm.

The only one problem it could arise if they are left behind light objects on his path. In that case, he will try to move them just to continue his journey, but if these are resisting, the robot will start to go against it to avoid it until it has understood that the obstacle must be bypassed.

As far as the fixed obstacles it was not found no problem, the device will begin to circle around it trying to cover as much surface as possible.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Pay close attention do not leave wires o ropes on the floor during the cleaning session because this robot has incredible power and in the blink of an eye you'll end up arguing with the device to get it back from its clutches. More than a couple of times he sucked the cords of the shutters and suddenly dropped them!

Since we're talking about aspiration, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum manages to perform in a manner eccellente the task for which it was designed. Thanks to aspiring force di 1800 pa manages to collect everything without problems from the finest powder, to the coins (we did not want to test beyond for fear that could be damaged).

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Thanks to side rotating brush, it will be possible to reach even the most remote corners of the house. Furthermore, we did not find any problems regarding cleaning under furniture and suspended sanitary ware. In fact, despite the turret goes to increase the thickness, the robot can easily understand if it can come out of certain spaces before entering. No problem even with the steps thanks to 4 sensors placed on the bottom of the device.


Lo Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum It is equipped with a battery 5200 mAh, which guarantees us on average about 150 minutes di utilization. Obviously the autonomy varies depending on the type of cleaning program implemented. I report the data later:

  • Balanced mode: 14.35 cleaning start, 98% battery. 15.35 fine cleaning, 64% residual battery (34% used). 44 m² covered.
  • Maximum speed mode: 15.45 start of cleaning, battery at 64%. 16.48 end of cleaning, battery at 19% (45% used). 46 m² covered.

L'autonomy so it's rather good and superior to many of its competitors. Furthermore, when the robot is unloaded it will start independently towards the charging base and it will go to it without the need to intervene manually.


In conclusion it Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum he convinced me under practically all the points of view. From the point of view of the cleaning and power it's practically perfect even if sometimes he fixes a little too much on some obstacle. All sensors work well, especially theLDS which allows one mapping fedele to reality.

Il price è excellent and quality è very high. Unfortunately, however, as I said at the beginning this robot has one and only defect: it is not officially sold in Italy. This means that, in case of failures and problems of various kinds, it will be necessary to send the product in China per rivres assistance. Expect quite long waiting times.

Currently the price of the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum and of 291 € su TomTop, but in recent days it was possible to buy it at about 230 thanks at delle lightning offers report on our offer channel GizDeals.

Il price è extremely competitive given the technical specifications from top of the range. So, in light of all this, we could also choose to turn a blind eye and accept this compromise, since on The Amazon there are no equal within the same price range.