RavPower Turbo + review from 20100 mAh: no more downloads!


More and more people rely on Powerbank for charging outdoor of their devices. In fact, there is no battery that can stand up to an excessive use made of messaging, calls, gaming and internet browsing: hours spent in front of a screen, whether for work, entertainment or boredom. We often rely on small external batteries that can take us to the end of the day but, in case of travel or special needs, we definitely need more. In these cases solutions like the RavPower Turbo + da 20100 mAh they are the best, let's discover why!

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RavPower Turbo + 20100 mAh Review - No more downloads


Already looking at the sales package you can understand that we are not talking about a particularly compact product and "portable", but we will talk about measures later. Inside the box, in white / gray cardboard and decorated with the company logo, we find everything that can be used to use the powerbank:

  • RavPower Turbo +;
  • 2 microUSB cables of different lengths for recharging;
  • Un microUSB / Type-C adapter;
  • Transport bag;
  • Manuals.

Review RavPower Turbo + 20100_01

Design and materials

La RavPower Turbo + It is completely assembled in plastic, without creaking of any kind. Also the design è pleasant, with rounded corners and a crazy black color that make it all minimal and modern.

Ring size 17,2 x 8 x 2 cm and with his 375 grams weight is not one of the slimmer powerbank but the "size" is justified by the large capacity of the internal battery. Do not get me wrong, we're not talking about a huge product since it fits quietly in any backpack compartment, but if you're looking for a pocket or handbag powerbank, better turn on something else.


Technical Sheet

The "operational center" is all on one side (the one opposite the logo): on the upper part we find the button and the 4 LEDs to control the residual charge and on the side / bottom we find all the doors at our disposal, in order:

  • microUSB QC 3.0 input: DC 5V ~ 12V 2A Max;
  • Type-C input / output: DC 5V 3A;
  • USB QC 3.0 / 2.0 output: 5V ~ 6.5V 3A / 6.5 ~ 9V 2A / 9V ~ 12V 1.5A Max;
  • USB iSmart output: DC 5V 2.4A.

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From our tests, carried out with different charging cycles, the performance of the RavPower Turbo + it stands around the 17.000 mAh, which should not worry since all power banks, between energy dispersion and power transmission, they have a lower yield than the nominal one.

What does all this translate into?

After using the 2 for weeks RavPower Turbo + I can safely say that we will have to completely forget about having low battery problems. I used it every day on both my smartphones (3.000 and 3.400 mAh respectively) and a tablets (6.600 mAh) and, it seems almost useless to say, I'm not never stayed dry. Even when I forgot to recharge it, the Turbo + managed to guarantee me one anyway good dose of recharge even with only one LED to (therefore less than 25% of remaining charge).



La RavPower Turbo + it's not a powerbank for everyone. Not all, in fact, we want 20100 mAh to recharge (and size) constantly behind. Others, however, use daily more than an electronic device (who for work, who for another) and it is not always easy to stay behind the top-ups of everyone. RavPower is addressed to these people, who do not need a simple recharge but a certainty, a promise: that they will not remain never with dead batteries, especially in case of need.

The device is available for purchase on The Amazon at a price of 39 €.

Promise kept.

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