Eachine E52-TX review: mini altimeter drone

eachine e52-tx

In this review we're going to try a very compact and portable drone, or theEachine E52-TX. This device somewhat recalls the DJI Mavic, for the closing mechanism of the four arms to which the propellers and motors are connected. Similarity aside, it has nothing to do with solutions like Mavic, Spark and many other competitors. First of all for the price, secondly for the type of drone, of decidedly economic invoice and for the technology on board, obviously more limited.

Review Eachine E52-TX

Eachine E52 TX


The sales package is made of black cardboard, on which we find a representation of the product and the main specifications of the device. Inside, however, we find the bare minimum.

  • Eachine E52-TX
  • remote control to 2.4 GHz with support for smartphones
  • 4 spare propellers and a key for removal
  • battery from 500 mAh
  • USB cable for charging
  • English user manual for the smartphone app
  • multilingual user manual for the drone

Eachine E52 TX

Design and construction

The body of theEachine E52-TX It is entirely made of plastic invoice economic, as you can easily guess the feedback returned by the frame. It is immediately perceived also by the weight of approx 80 grams, really reduced for a quadricopter with this size. There body in some places and unfortunately presents areas too weak.

The design recalls the Mavic, as already mentioned, but only for the closing mechanism of the four arms. For the rest we are dealing with a completely different product. By closing it, the dimensions go from 20.5 x 20.5 cm to about half in width, while the thickness remains unchanged, equal to 3.5 cm. So let's talk about a almost pocket-sized drone.

At the top we find the logo Eachine, the power button and the word WiFi, flanked by a green LED that indicates activation. On the right and left sides we find the arms with the propellers and, under them, the four engines. Attention to the propellers, after a landing that is not too soft, one has detached itself, finishing a few meters further up.

Previously, however, we find the VGA camera from 0.3 mega-pixels, inclinable by a few tens of degrees downwards. On the other hand, we find one red LED light. In the lower part of the body we find the removable battery from 500 mAh a 3.7 V and the two loopholes in which to place the arms once closed.

Turning to radio, the dimensions are suitable for use for both an adult and a child, as they are not excessively large. Good feedback of the two joysticks control, which in this quadricopter are set at the center, since we are dealing with an altimeter drone.

Flight performance and functions

As anticipated, the drone integrates a altimeter sensor for the maintenance of the quota. This makes it extreme the guide is simple and pleasant of the aircraft, especially for newcomers, while the more experienced will get bored quickly. Reactivity is certainly not the best, but for a novice it's more than good. Excellent presence of three operating modes, which act right on reactivity e speed. On the first I found the drone a bit 'slow movements, while moving to the second and third mode of operation the quadcopter becomes definitely more fun to drive.

Despite the economic nature andabsence of GPSI must say that the maintenance of the quota works fairly well, keeping the drone in a stable position. Equally good six-axis gyroscope, which, once calibrated, allows to keep the drone almost perfectly still. Obviously these considerations are valid in the absence of wind, as being very light, just a minimum puff of air to move theEachine E52-TX.

On the functional front we find the classic headless mode, which proved to be quite valid, the "return at home", Which instead leaves desire, three flight speeds and the option to perform a flip to 360 °.

Obviously there is also a mobile application, both for iOS and Android, easily obtainable by scanning the QR Code in the manual. Through the app you can take advantage of the camera for take pictures, to boot video shoot or simply drive in FPV, with the remote control or directly with the smartphone.

Video quality

If there is one aspect that really disappointed me, but partly I expected it, this is it photo / video quality. Both photos and videos result unusable. Being the sensor VGA, ie from 0.3 mega-pixel, movies are actually shot at 480p to be then upscaled in HD. The same goes for the photos, interpolated. In short, it is absolutely not a drone for shooting and photos.

Before publishing the review, we asked Eachine about why, seeing other reviews online, we believe we have a faulty sample in our hands. However, we are still awaiting a response for weeks.

mobile application

Even if the interface leaves enough to be desired, the app does its job and works well enough. This allows complete control of the drone, without having to resort to the remote control therefore, and also offers the possibility of exploiting the camera for the FPV. On the interface we find all the commands present, much clearer and user-friendly compared to the remote control, where different keys have no design or anagram that specifies the function performed.

From the application you can also record videos and take photos, which will be saved directly to your smartphone. Furthermore, from the application you can also take advantage of some additional commands, such as the take off ed automatic landing, functionality that I did not find on the radio control.


According to the manufacturer's declarations, the declared autonomy should be of 7-8 flight minutes, suitable and acceptable timing in relation to the type of product and the capacity of the installed battery, equal to 500 mAh.

Eachine E52 TX

Practical side, I can only confirm these values, since, with a not too exaggerated flight style I arrived at 7 full minutes, all with FPV streaming in progress. The battery is inserted into a suitable plastic support, which, by making a quick estimate, allows you to insert a slightly larger battery, provided you keep the cell's width and length unchanged. There recharge takes place via the supplied USB cable and requires approx 40 minutes.

Eachine E52-TX Review - Conclusions

Summing up, theEachine E52-TX it's an entry-level drone intended for newcomers of the sector who are looking for a portable solution without having to spend large sums. The drone is pleasant enough to use, perhaps a little too much poco responsive in Yaw mode at 30%. The altimeter and altitude maintenance do their job, making the device proof against dummy. Too bad for the materials not excellent, but above all for the quality of the video / camera, insufficient and almost unusable.

L'Eachine E52-TX is available at the official story at a price of 48.80 €.

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