Xiaomi arriving in Italy in the 2017 / 18: here is our information

xiaomi italy

Yes, what many expected could materialize and soon. According to our information, Xiaomi Italy could become reality. The news, reported by colleagues of HDBlog.it, circulated in the environment for some weeks, but we have been waiting to bring it back to avoid false enthusiasm.

Xiaomi is getting ready to land in Italy

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Although there may always be a certain amount of skepticism, the maneuvers of Xiaomi in Europe they seem very clear and outlined. Starting from the launch of the We are A1, terminal designed also for western users, up to the recent expansion in Greece e Spain. But the news that many expected, of course, is it landing in Italy.

The news is still unofficial but, according to our sources close to the distributor in question, whose name we cannot reveal for obvious reasons, it would really be missing. poco upon confirmation. The parties would be working to be able to speed things up. If all goes well, the terminals Xiaomi will be officially on the Italian market starting from end of 2017. However, it is not excluded that, for one reason or another, everything is moved to start 2018.

Xiaomi in Italy: when and which products will arrive?

As for what products will arrive, it is not yet known. There is a good chance that the available smartphones are the aforementioned Xiaomi Mi A1Mi MIX 2Redmi Note 4. We still do not know if there will be any accessories, like the expensive one Mi Band 2. As for the sale, this should be done mainly offline at various reference stores.

However, if you have been waiting for the whole catalog or almost, you will certainly be disappointed. Like any company making its debut in a country, it will first be necessary to develop and obtain certain results before seeing big investments, such as the arrival of a Mi Store in Italy. In short, it is really missing poco but we will communicate more details in the coming days when we have the ok to report details. So continue to follow us to stay constantly updated on this.

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