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The next few years will be those of the assault of Chinese smartphone manufacturers in Italy. After signing an important commercial agreement with Qualcomm, Vivo it would prepare to arrive in many markets, including the one in Italy.

After Xiaomi too Vivo in Italy?

Vivo OPPO OnePlus

Let's take a step back and proceed with order. In the past few hours the producers Xiaomi, Vivo ed OPPO have signed an agreement with the US chipmaker Qualcomm. The figure in question reaches i 12 billion dollars and therefore from this it is clear that this is a decidedly important step.

Therefore, it is expected that the top players of the Chinese smartphone market will use the most assiduously Qualcomm chipset for the next 3 years. The agreement is not binding and therefore will allow 3 brands to also use alternative solutions, such as those of MediaTek, but in a smaller number compared to what we have seen so far.

On the other hand, the agreement will also allow a sort of internationalization for the above-mentioned smartphone manufacturers. Investigating the topic, our source is very close to Vivo he revealed to us that the brand could arrive Italy. Unfortunately there are no indicative dates for the landing in the beautiful country.

Vivo and OnePlus in Italy: and OPPO?

We do not even know what smartphones will be that the producer could initially sell. An interesting choice could be to start with devices from the screen in 18: 9, as the trend of the moment wants. Among these there is the Vivo X20 and Vivo V7 +, which represent the brand's latest product portfolio.

Curious case that of OPPO, a company that was already officially in Europe but that has abandoned the continent in recent months. An infrastructure that was not perfectly organized would have led to the withdrawal of the brand from our continent. This agreement, however, could report OPPO in Europe and, why not, also in Italy.

The news is not particularly surprising, given the growing interest of Chinese smartphone makers in Europe. We must also consider the imminent arrival of Xiaomi in Italy and the already announced landing in Spain with Mi Mix 2 e We are A1, two interesting devices that maybe we can also see in Italy.

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