Google and MediaTek: announced the GMS Express program


MediaTek Logo - MediaTek Helio P40 - GMS Express

Google e MediaTek announce an interesting partnership aimed at creating GMS Express. This is a project that will offer more support to Android OEM Partnets in order to release the most updates.

GMS Express is the new program from Google and MediaTek

MediaTek Logo - MediaTek Helio P40 - GMS Express

This new program will surely be much more useful for the makers of smaller smartphones. In this way the little support of the Taiwanese chipmaker will be satisfied in offering the source codes for the development of new ROMs and continuous updates. Indeed MediaTek distributed a version of Android based on an AOSP ROM, anchored to a not very recent version. With the new GMS Express producers will be able to get Google certification in a very short time. In fact it is described as the waiting period is just 4 weeks, in place of the previous 3 months.

GMS Express: how does the new MediaTek and Google program work?

The benefits will also be tangible for users. The chipmaker will constantly release new updates containing the latest security patches. Everything will be under the direct supervision of Google, in order to offer an even more pleasant and fluid experience.

Everything should start with Android 8.0 Oreo and also receive the next update to Android P that should be announced in the 2018. Factor not to be overlooked is compatibility with Android One. In fact, the next smartphones Android One may also be based on the platform GMS Express, so as not to have updates delay.

Obviously this is extremely interesting and will bring the chips MediaTek ad be more competitive, compared to Qualcomm, also from the point of view of software support. Yet it would not be enough simply to release the source codes. TO MediaTek the arduous sentence.

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