Our backpack for Christmas: hi-tech gift ideas - Renato Edition

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After the highly hi-tech backpack of Luca, it's up to me to list you my gift ideas for this Christmas . I would like to make a brief but dutiful introduction: my Christmas rucksack will be quite different from that of the boss and also from those who will subsequently join this initiative. Let's say that my ideas will tend to use more cultural and "loser" of technology. My advice, therefore, will be addressed to all those who equip their backpack for long trips, for days with empty holes and so on and so forth!

No more talk and let's throw in what I'd like to call survival kit for boredom!

Our backpack for Christmas: hi-tech gift ideas - Renato Edition



The first mention could only concern the backpack. I decided to insert a signed backpack SLOTRA that allocates in my cart for a month now. It's hard to say why I have not bought it yet, but in all probability it will be part of my Christmas present.
The backpack can hold laptops from 15.6 or from 17 inches, also has several compartments for tablets, smartphones and e-readers.

 Price: 32,99 euro (often on offer at 22)
Store for purchase: Amazon


kindle, paperwhite, amazon

And this is where my list starts to get unusual. Probably no one else was going to mention an e-reader, let alone the Kindle Paperwhite.
"Ah the smell of the circuits!"; yes, I'm not absolutely paper-based, cellulose certainly has its own historical and somewhat narrative appeal, but e-readers are certainly one of the most interesting technologies of the last few years. In terms of space and ecosustainability, they constitute the future of literature and I could only add my credit Kindle Paperwhite to my backpack!

Price: 159,99 €
Store for purchase: Obviously Amazon


LG Q8 Smartphone

Secondary display and wide-angle camera. I'm frivolous and poco original but my choice, as regards the smartphone, falls on LG Q8. A product that aesthetically perhaps does not give the best, but you want to put can add their name fixed on the second dispaly? I repeat, I'm frivolous.

Price: 399,99 €
Store for purchase: Amazon


Lenovo p8, tablet

As I said, I like to define my backpack a survival kit for boredom and I find that i Tablet are the definitive device in this sense. Netflix, music and a display suitable for comfortably reading comics everywhere! Yes, probably the use that I make is almost limited to reading American comics, but you want to put the possibility to download the latest episode of their favorite Netflix series and enjoy it in peace everywhere?
I chose the Lenovo P8 for its low price but for the excellent relationship of the latter with the quality. 8.0 inch and 16 GB of expandable ROM make it a great ally for long and boring trips!

Price: 120 euro (with 104 euro coupons)
Store for purchase: GearBest


BlitzWolf BW-ES2-R, headphones

I'm not a particularly sporty type, so I almost immediately gave up the idea of ​​adding bluetooth headphones. My choice, rather, fell on a pair of cables that I was particularly surprised in the last weeks of use. I'm talking about the BlitzWolf BW-ES2-R (of which you will soon find ours online review). Performing and not too expensive, equipped with dynamic dual drivers are perhaps one of the products that most felt the need to include in this list! Extremely recommended!

Price: 17,00 €
Store for purchase: Banggood


AmazFit Core, Smartband

Here I fall into guilty pleasure. I thought about it and I told myself that I could not put one of the objects that I would like under the tree this year. I'm talking aboutAmazFit COR. A little gem that immediately captured me both for its respectable characteristics and for the aesthetic component. In short, you know what to give me in a month and poco more!

Price: 54 €
Store for purchase: GearBest

bottle opener, starwars

Returning to the discussion of survival, you should not miss this little indispensable item in your backpack. THE'bottle opener of the Millennium Falcon it could save your life more than once (it did me!), but above all it will open your beers in time of need!

Price: €0,85
Store for purchase: GearBest

This was my boredom survival backpack, with lots of gift ideas that you can safely reuse this Christmas! As mentioned by Luca, let me know what you think and in case you change this list. Do not hesitate therefore, if you want, to say yours in the GizDeals group with over 1600 users.

In the next days the other staff will propose you their selection of hi-tech backpacks for Christmas!


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