How to buy on GeekBuying: warranty, shipping and assistance


After having talked to you far and wide GearBest, today is the turn of GeekBuying. This is also one of the reference online stores in Asia and elsewhere. In this article we will explain how to buy on GeekBuying, how it works warranty, which shipment choose and how to avoid the customs.

GeekBuying: purchase guide, shipping and warranty

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First of all it is necessary register on the site. By doing so you can also use the coupons that you can find on the official Telegram channel di GeekBuying Italia. This channel is managed by the staff of GizChina in direct collaboration with GeekBuying and here you will find all the offers updated in real time.

Without forgetting about GizDeals Group, our Telegram channel where we receive assistance on what to buy, where to do it and how to do it. You can also request coupons, benefit from exclusive offers and preview, as well as interact with us for any advice.

GeekBuying: which shipment to choose

Depending on the product chosen on GeekBuying, they may be available up to 3 warehouses Recommended, or China, Hong Kong e Italy. Identifying them is very simple: once you have chosen the device, among the options we will see various words, as you can see in the image below. No initial abbreviation indicates the Chinese warehouse, while "HK" and "IT" indicate the respective countries.

Again in the image below, see also the words "DE" and "ES", that is German warehouse e Spanish. However, these options are to be assessed only if Italy is absent.

geekbuying warehouses

Warehouse China

In case the Chinese warehouse is selected, the shipment to choose is the EU Priority Line, with times of 8-25 working days. This is the equivalent of Italy Express by GearBest since it is exempt from customs duties. It has no price limits and can therefore also be present for products of low value.

However, the products in the database are not available to everyone. In case it is absent, you can choose the Registered Airmail (15-30 working days). This type is free and the probability of paying the customs is low, although not exempt to 100%. Choosing DHL will shorten the deadlines but increase the chances of paying customs.

geekbuying shipments

Hong Kong warehouse

If the chosen product comes from Hong Kong, there are two circumstances. In fact, even here the HKEU Priority Line, a sort of Italy Express that will allow us to avoid customs fees. The timing is around 15-25 working days.

geekbuying expedition hkeu priority line

In the event that the aforementioned is absent, the shipping options are divided between Registered Airmail, DHL Economy e HKDHL Express. For some products you may find the option TNT in place of DHL. In this case the option to choose depends on how much you want to spend and wait to receive the package. However, the odds of paying the customs duties are present.

geekbuying free registered airmail dhl

Warehouse Italy

Obviously the most favorable shipping for us Italian users is that from Italy warehouse. By choosing this option, compared to a higher cost of the product, the package is delivered by Bartolini. If the weight of the package is above average (maybe you have purchased a robot vacuum cleaner) then it will be delivered by DHL.

geekbuying shipments

GeekBuying: how does the warranty work?

Warehouse China or Hong Kong

Have you made a purchase from the warehouse in China or Hong Kong and does the product need to be warranted? GeekBuying makes available to you 12 mesi di garanzia in different ways. In the case of DOA (Dead On Arrival), all shipping costs will be charged to GeekBuying within 2 days of arrival.

Within 1 month of receiving the product the shipment will be partially refunded in the form of coupons and Paypal. If they switch from 1 to 6 months from receipt, shipping will be at the user's expense but only on the outward journey. From the 6 to the 12 months, instead, the user will have to pay both shipping and return. On this page find all the information regarding the management of the guarantee.

Warehouse Italy / Spain / Germany

If you have bought from an Italian warehouse, things are getting more positive. When buying, you will need to flag the option "Add Italy Local Return Service to your order". By doing so with a small surcharge you will be entitled to 12 mesi di garanzia in Italy. or, if necessary, in Germany. This rule also applies to purchases in Spain and Germany: by selecting this option the package can be sent back to Spain or Germany.

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