Ticwatch E Review: best buy among Android Wear!

Find one SmartWatch officially sold in Italy with on-board Android Wear 2.0 at a competitive price it is always very difficult and the only alternatives fall on the wearable of houses like LG, Motorola, Samsung o Huawei where we inevitably overcome the threshold of 250 / 300 euro. Thanks to the official landing of the brand Ticwatch in Italy we finally have a very valid alternative to the aforementioned brands, but to the half the price!

However, the Ticwatch E it is not only this, but much more. Let's find out immediately in our full review how he behaved during these days of intense testing.

Ticwatch E Review


The product is sold inside a nice compact and colored box and inside it we find:

  • Ticwatch Express;
  • charging cable with magnetic PIN.

Design and construction

I materials with which this smartwatch is made are very good, with a strap in silicone and a chest in polycarbonate. At first it might give you a slightly cheap feeling, but manages to guarantee one good resistance to shocks and falls. Furthermore, the device owns the certificazione IP67 which makes it resistant to water and dust without any kind of problem.

Il design is very minimal and without too many frills, perfect to combine both in more elegant and sporty situations. Of course, there are also many helpers watchfaces available, which can change your style w with a simple tap. As if this were not enough we have the possibility to remove the strap da 20mm and replace it with other available official website or in any watch and online store.

Le dimensions of the cash register are of 13.55mm thick with a diameter of 44mm and an overall weight of 41.5 grams. Thanks to these characteristics the Ticwatch E It results to be very comfortable e lightin fact, it will seem not to have it on the wrist.

Ticwatch E

The silicone strap allows you to choose many different sizes and ensures excellent ergonomics. Furthermore, we did not find any type of allergic problem or increased sweating.

As far as the case is concerned, at the top we find the OLED display, while the lower one houses the recharging pins and the sensor for detecting heartbeats. On the sides there are the microphone and the only physical button integrated into the smartwatch.


As anticipated a little while ago, the Ticwatch E owns a OLED display da 1.4 inches diagonal with resolution 400 400 pixels x and density of PPI 287.

We are talking about a panel of high quality, very bright and very responsive to the touch, in fact, the typing takes place without any kind of problem. There definition it's just as good as the colors that are very alive. Downloading a couple of games directly from the Play Store it is possible to notice what has just been said. There maximum brightness it is very good even under direct sunlight and we can manage it through the appropriate section inside the settings.


On board we find a chipset MediaTek MT2601 including a processor dual core with a maximum clock of 1.2 GHz, 512 MB di RAM e 4 GB di internal memory. Despite a processor present MediaTek, the device it runs very well and it's free from lag or jamming, so much so that you can also download some games from Play Store (albeit very simple). Also playing long with ours SmartWatch we did not find fluency problems.


As already said at the opening, the Ticwatch E is based on Android Wear 2.0, which is full of features that will allow us to carry out many operations without the help of the smartphone.

Thanks to the presence of the Play Store you can download directly from SmartWatch all the applications available for wearables. Among these we also find Telegramwith which we can reply to messages through a voice message, stickers, keyboard, voice command or emoji.

We can also manage Spotify, YouTube and the music player of the smartphone with the help of the quick commands which will be shown on the display of the Ticwatch.

Le notifications they always come punctual and regarding those of instant messaging we can respond via quick messages, voice command or keyboard. Furthermore, of course we can make calls and converse directly with it SmartWatch. The speaker is good and the microphone is functional.

Move within the interface of the Ticwatch E it's very simple: with a swipe to the sides we change the watchfaces (those available are many), down we open i quick toggle and upward we go to flow between the notifications. Pushing the only physical side key twice we go inside the menu.

Regarding the side fitness, we already find the dedicated app of the Google suite to to monitor our activity. Progress and results can be viewed directly on the SmartWatch or on our own phone through the official app of Ticwatch.

Through the app of Ainstead, we can change the watchfaces, manage notifications and modify other settings.


Regarding the connectivity we find the Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi b / g / n and the Integrated GPS which is very fast in docking. We did not find any kind of problem during the coupling or even problems of sudden disconnection.


Aboard Ticwatch E we find the sensor of proximity, gyroscope, L 'accelerometer compass and the heartbeat sensor. Overall it's all very precise and working, the only note concerns the calculation of the steps that is slightly overestimated compared to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 (we talk about 1 / 2%).

Il heart rate monitor it works well and you can do it measurement directly from the SmartWatch through the native app Heart Rate. Moreover, as already mentioned above, it is possible to download the official application Ticwatch to monitor all our physical activity progress.


Under the body we find one battery da 300 mAh, which guarantees us one good autonomy if related to the price. In fact, with maximum brightness, always-on display, constant notifications (and therefore Bluetooth always active) it is possible to cover easily a working day. If you wish to go out after dinner, a recharge will be needed, which takes approximately 1 now and 5 / 10 minutes to be completed.

With more use soft of the smartwatch will be possible to get agreater autonomy, but in general the results are average with competitors since this is always a sore point for all A.


Within its price range, the Ticwatch E it's a best buy absolute among the A given its incredible functionality for everyone.

We can easily define it as the most valid but most expensive alternative ofAmazfit Pace. The difference between the two is that the smartwatch produced by Mobvoi can count on one solid ecosystem such as that of A, through which we can go to perform most of the daily actions without necessarily having to use the smartphone.

Among the points in its favor we then insert the beautiful OLED display, waterproofing, ergonomics, the ability to change the strap and the microphone with the speaker, which will allow us to perform many operations per voice.

Il Ticwatch E It is available in preorder on Official site at the price of 149 €, while subsequently it will pass to 159 €.

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