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Amazfit Arc it is a smartband that is placed in a densely populated segment. There are many products with a low price to choose from. But then why choose one's own Amazfit Arc? Let's find out in ours review. Spoiler alert: it has DNA Xiaomi!

Amazfit Arc. Review


Very nice the sales package that immediately shows the smartband. Inside the sales package there is:

  • Amazfit Arc;
  • charging dock;
  • quick manual.

Design and construction

This is obviously the most striking aspect for this type of product. The lines I'm simple but at the same time catchy. The side bands are in polycarbonate but with a metallic painting. Very nice visual effect that helps to make the appearance of the product premium.

On the front there is a panel that protects the small display OLED. Despite the manufacturer has kept to specify how the Amazfit Arc both scratch-resistant, the unit received already had lesions on the front. Difficult to imagine them "Torture" who has been subjected to do this.

Review Amazfit Arc Opnioni

Il strap è in silicone, it is decidedly flexible and adapts without any problem to the lines of your wrist. Very nice the upper story that wants to go to emulate the view, even quite convincingly, a leather strap. Excellent presence of a buttonhole that allows you to hold the band tightly to your wrist.

No problem during sports sessions or even for a dip in the pool. Unfortunately, unlike the Xiaomi counterpart, it is not possible to change the straps. Not bad, because the product even so is definitely nice.

On the bottom, always built in polycarbonate but with a matte finish, there is the biometric sensor for the heartbeat detection and two pins for the recharge, which takes place in approx 1 hours. To be noted the presence of the certification IP67, which makes the device resistant to water. No problem if we forget Amazfit Arc on the wrist during a shower or a dip in the pool.


The small screen of the smartband has a diagonal from 0.42 inches of diagonal. The brightness is definitely good. No critical issues to report even outdoors or in adverse light conditions.

Below the display there is a small insert that indicates the touch area to move within the smartband menus. To go to awaken the product just a simple tap or go to use the movement of the wrist.

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Not much to say. We could easily tell you that a processor is present Dialog DA14681 along with 8 KB of RAM and 8 MB of internal memory but of course it would be useless. It is not, rightly, a product that must perform particular and complex operations.

Everything that is done is carried out perfectly and there are no stoppages or delays. It will be possible to use Amazfit Arc like a simple one pedometer e sleep monitor or connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 to go and see what the smart features will be.

Review Amazfit Arc Opnioni


The application designed by the brand is called Amazfit - Activity Tracker and is compatible with Android e iOS. This is an app entirely in English language and features are also slightly reduced. However no problem, since we can use without problems We Fit.

The software does not need any introduction. The application will work without any problem both with the 2 Mi Band and with theAmazfit Arc. The features, appearance, graphics and management will be absolutely the same. There are no news from this point of view. But since the Latins used to say "repetita iuvant", let's see what we can do.

The home page will show the graph of the steps carried out. To this are related the km traveled and the burned calories. The count is quite accurate and reliable. We have made a comparison with other similar products and the result was not very different. Only critical, but it was certainly not a claim we had, on the treadmill theAmazfit Arc loses a few steps too much, wanting to be generous.

It will then be possible to view the hours of sleep of the previous night. Present the detection of deep sleep and light sleep, precise and accurate. Finally, it will be possible to see the score made in the last days. In activity, however, it will be possible to set the type of training to be performed. Although the treadmill function is present, activating it or not will not change the outcome of the final result.

In the final screen we can "Tweak" with the features. We can, for example, go and decide unlock the smartphone when the smartband is within the range of Bluetooth, or if you receive the call and alarm notification. We can then set up alerts for the apps of our interest as well as the alert of sedentary.

In addition to checking the software version, we can choose which menus to display, as well as the time and date format of the main home. Interesting presence of the synchronization with your account Google Fit.


With Amazfit Arc they are safely brought home 10 days autonomy, using it always connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone and with the alert for active notifications. If you want to use band and not smart mode, after other 10 days of use we stopped counting the almost absent battery discharge.

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Amazfit Arc review - Conclusions

Amazfit Arc looks like a Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in premium version. The design and materials much more cared for could lead to prefer it to the Mi Band 2 itself. Definitely recommended if you want to have at your wrist a decidedly more serious product with a more sober look. The functionalities are so basic but complete.

GeekMall offers Amazfit Arc at the price of 39 €. This is not an extremely low price but we must consider shipping within 72 hours, the two-year warranty and assistance in Italian. All this leads to a reconsideration of the final evaluation and to consider everything decidedly more than honest. Excellent for a smart and healthy Christmas present.

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