3D printer: do I really need it? Which one to choose? | Guide

guide which to choose 3d printer

The staff of GizChina.it is traditionally always attentive to all the news coming from the world of Chinese technology. There has certainly not escaped, for example, the possibility of buying one cheap 3D printer of Asian origin in the lists of the most important international retailers. In the past we have neglected this segment all in all, far from our "core business" but today, accomplices i increasingly aggressive prices (on GizDeals we have seen offers under the threshold of the 100 euro!), we decided to open on our forum a section dedicated to this fascinating world.

Whether you decide to save money (perhaps buying one of the many clones of Prusa i3) or that you prefer to spend high amounts in order to have all the support of the manufacturer, therefore, you can participate and share your experience on our forum. In the future, if we see interest from the community, we will try to offer more and more guides and contents about the 3D printing world.

3D printer guide which to choose

3D printer: do I really need it? Which one to choose? | Guide

Since low prices may encourage even novice users to purchase, the first guide in this new section is dedicated to the Choosing a cheap 3D printer. In the discussion we will therefore try to address the main reasons that may point us towards a certain product, always remembering that there is no "better printer" but only one printer that best suits your needs.

3D printer: selection guide

forum logoYou can find the complete guide on our forum (section 3D PRINTING), where you can ask for advice and share your experiences. We also invite you to join in the discussion and stay tuned for updates.

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