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Bad news for the owners of OnePlus 5. During the last session of "Ask Me Anything" on the official producer forum, Carl Pei, Vice President of the company, announced that the previous top of the range will not receive the Face Unlock through software update.

OnePlus 5: no Face Unlock coming soon

oneplus 5t face unlock

The news comes as a cold shower for all current smartphone users. This is not a transcendental fault, though. Indeed the high representative of OnePlus he explained accurately the reason for this abrupt decision. OnePlus 5 offers a front fingerprint sensor, precise and reliable, which returns a truly exceptional user experience thanks to the presence of some gestures. Precisely for this reason you do not feel the need to implement the Face Unlock through software update. The Brand Product Manager continues, stating that OnePlus 5Tinstead, it is equipped with a rear fingerprint sensor that does not appear to be the maximum of comfort and therefore the facial release is definitely more necessary.

Why does OnePlus 5 not receive the Face Unlock?

As mentioned, this is not a feature that will undermine the user experience, but the reason for this absence seems to be due more to one "Updating laziness" - pass the deadline - that to a true weighted decision. In fact other top market players still offer this functionality despite having the rear digital fingerprint sensor, Samsung and LG in the first place for example.

The company representatives concluded, then, stating that the Face Unlock su OnePlus 5T It has been calibrated specifically for the smartphone's front camera to provide accurate and reliable results. So, it's faster than the Trusted Face feature of Android. Furthermore, it does not affect the battery life of the device.

In conclusion, if the absence of this functionality should be definitely felt, you can turn to that stock of Android that works in a similar way.

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