Meizu states: stop smartphone in the 2017, here's when the flagship will arrive

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After the launch of the PRO 7, many expected from Meizu also the arrival of the Meizu MX7, range that seemed abandoned in this 2017. In recent weeks it has even been hypothesized that this model could be the so much chatter full screen. But to deny all this, the same goes for it Jeffrey Yang, vice-president of the Asian company.

Meizu states: stop smartphone in the 2017, here's when the flagship will arrive

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Through his Weibo profile, the VP claimed to have received several questions about the rumors around Meizu MX7. But how the company had already specified months ago, it is not their intention to launch this device. Indeed, it will not be there no new smartphone during this 2017.

The next terminals will arrive not before the 2018 therefore, including the next flagship. Yes, because Jeffrey Yang confirmed that during the Spring 2018 we will witness the launch of a new top of the range. It is not clear whether or not it will be the phantom smartphone borderless nor will it actually be MX7 or directly the Meizu PRO 8.

Meizu MX7 and / or mBlu Zero: fake or not?

At this point it is obviously a question of whether those images of MX7mBlu Zero they were actually real. What we can say with (almost) certainty is that Meizu it would seem to be actually intended to propose a device in this category. However, it seems more likely that such innovation could be relegated to PRO series rather than that MX, usually medium / high rather than premium.

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